Replacement fluorescent round light cover Prismatic PS diffuser sheet

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Product Overview


Replacement fluorescent round light cover Prismatic PS diffuser sheet




Product Description


  • Thickness: 1.5mm to 2.0mm
  • Width: less than 1440mm 
  • Length: No Limit 
  • Haze = 99.55%
  • TT = 65.67%
Haze and transmittance can be customed to feet you fixtures.

Test tool:


Standard Illuminant D65 represent average daylight and has a correlated colour temperature of approximately 6500K

Test method:

Compensation Comparison, ISO 14782(1999) and JIS K7136(2000).



 polystyrene 511GPPS sheet 502PS sheet 526PS sheet 506







GPPS sheet Standard Size

4 ft (1220mm)8 ft (2440mm)1.5mm to 5mm
4 ft (1220mm)7 ft (2130mm)1.5mm to 5mm
4 ft (1220mm)6 ft (1830mm)1.5mm to 5mm
3 ft (915mm)6 ft (1830mm)1.5mm to 5mm

(Any custom size is possible.)



PS has a very good chemical stability, thermal stability, optical characteristics, strong refraction, strong electrical insulating, high radiation resistance and little tendency of moisture absorption. LED panel light is generally used in indoor, working temperature is 20-60. Climatic influence is small.  High refractivity, will wipe off the lightspot.  It is perfect for indoor using.
On another way, its small static electricity is good for production.  The transmission rate is 88%, although can’t reach acrylic’s, other advantages can cover this small shortage.











Company Information

Taiwan Basin Ind. Corp. (BASIN) was founded in 1971 to produce various kinds of plastic sheets and products in Taiwan. BASIN has been serving the local market since its establishment  enjoying customers's trust and confidence, currently sharing appr. 65% plus of Taiwan market. During the first 17 years, the company only focussed her sales forces on the local market and did very few direct sales to off-shore markets. Direct sales started at the beginning of 18th year of her establishment and have been enjoying fantastic feedback from worldwide markets, particularly the shower enclosure fabricators since then.



BASIN has been an active and steadily growing up supplier during the past more than two decades. We have been successfully widening our product ranges to satisfy the customers' demands from different fields i.e. lighting prismatic, interior partition/decoration as well as shower doors. In 1998, the company does invest tremendous monies to add a brand new computerized line producing higher quality panels both of PS and PMMA material for mirror metalizing. 

Existing production scales of the company: 
a. 3 GPPS sheet production lines in Taiwan 
b. 3 GPPS sheet production lines in Shanghai, China





Q: Can I choose any size rather than standard sizes you provide?

A: Yes, we have computerized cutting machine. And also we can do circle cut using computer CNC router. If the quantity is big, we can directly make your size to save the cutting waste.


Q: Can you provide me a basic price for single piece?

A: Our price is based on the size, thickness and total quantity, so it is quite hard for us to easily provide you a price. And each pattern price is differing, sorry we couldn’t just provide a basic price.


Q: You have so many kind of diffuser; I don’t know which one can feet my LED light fixture best?

A: The reason why we have so many different patterns and grades of LED diffuser is because we cooperate with many lighting factories already and each one has their own fixture design. Thus, there is really hard to have any single diffuser can match all the lighting fixtures. Many of our clients have to change their designs to feet some brand name LED diffuser and they found out sometimes they have to compromise something. That is why we develop so many different patterns and grades which help our customers to solve their problems.


Q: Can you just give me the one with best transparent rate and won’t see the light source?

A: Every lighting fixture is different. The best way to find the best balance between transparent rate and haze rate can cover the light source is by physically test our diffuser on your lighting fixture. We are willing to provide you the cut samples for your RD to test. If you need full size sample for the final testing is okay, you only have to pay for the shipping charge.


Q: I need diffuser sheet over 95% transparent rate.

A: We have diffuser sheet over 90%, but mostly the haze rate might not enough. Your fixture design will be limited. The depth between light source and diffuser will be very long. In other words, it will increase your fixture cost.

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