500W 12V or 24V or 48v horizontal Wind turbine generator with small size easy to install for homes use (60175110505)

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Product Overview


500W 12V or 24V or 48v horizontal Wind turbine generator with small size easy to install for homes use   

Whole series
PhotoModel No.PowerVoltageLink
lINK.jpgHA300W-1.4M300W12/24/48VClick here
HA400W-1.6M400W12/24/48VClick here
HA500W-1.6M500W12/24/48VClick here
Product Instruction

MSC M series wind turbine generator is small full time operation wind power generator, with small size and human friendly design, it is easy to installation and use, low cost and higher efficiency and performance etc. Therefore, it's suitable for different kinds of regional and various climate environments.

Main Features:

♦ Low start up speed; Small and beautiful;

♦ Flange or tube connection optional, convenient installation.

♦ Adopting a new set of slip ring power output device, no cable winding concern.,blades using new art of precision injection molding.

♦ Aluminum alloy body,anti-corrosion treatment,resistant to to acid and alkali, applicable in salty environment.

♦ Rare earth permanent magnet generator and special stator.

♦ Long service life 20 years

Tech parameter
Rated power300W300W300W400W500W
Maximum power330W320W330W430W550W
Rated voltage12/24/48V12/24V12/24/48V12/24V12/24V
Start-up wind speed2.0m/s2.0m/s2.5m/s2.0m/s2.0m/s
Rated wind speed11m/s10m/s11.5m/s11.5m/s13m/s
Survival wind speed50m/s55m/s45m/s50m/s50m/s
Top net weight10kg11kg12kg11.21kg11.5kg
Wheel diameter1.4m1.4m1.6m1.6m1.6m
Gross weight13.5kg15kg16kg16kg16kg
Package dimension950*400*215mm
Number of blades3
Blades materialNylon fiber
GeneratorThree phase permanent magnet ac synchronous generator
Generator caseCasting aluminum alloy
Control systemElectromagnet/wind wheel yaw
Speed regulationAutomatically adjust windward direction
Working temperature-40°C  -  80°C
Design life20 y
Product Photos

Product View-HA300W.jpg

Installment Instruction:


1. Body; 2. Running flange; 3. Tower; 4. Shat; 5. Hub; 6. Blades; 7. Against pine nuts; 

8. None cose; 9. Bolts; 10. Flat washer; 11. Spring washer; 12. Nut; 13. Stainless stell bolts; 14. Against pine nuts; 15. Tail

Installation steps.jpg

Step 1. The tower diagonal (diagonal angle easy to install wind turbines is appropriate); wear two cables, the cable from the tower pole square hole leads;

Step 2. The wind turbine tower strongyloidiasis with two lines connected with insulating tape wrapped well and good along the cable into the tower, the tower of the generator sets with the casing, with 4mm Allen wrench screw locking

Step 3.  Install blades, blade (2) mounted on the flange (1), note the blades are literally facing outwards, with the M6 * 20 (3) Allen screws and self-locking nuts M6 blade with flange connection, self-locking nut secured to the flange groove with 5mm hex wrench pre-locking (mounting direction shown in Figure 3), this method will be another two blades fixed on the flange, adjust the two tip distance error 5.0mm or less and then tighten the bolts to ensure that the fan balancing

Step 4. Remove the M16 nut on the fan will step (3) finished sets and fan rotor shaft, and then install the flange nut groove, with 10mm hex wrench into the hexagonal hole in the middle of the rotor shaft, rotor shaft counterclockwise rotation its locking

Step 5. Install cover, the cover buckle shown in Figure 6 on the flange, hand pull hood hood checks on the flange is fully charged to avoid falling off the hood at high speed

Step 6. Controller is installed, the bottom of the tower controller blower fan pinout and any two terminals connected to terminals

Step 7. Controller is connected to the battery, the controller battery connector terminals "+" "-" pole of the battery "+" "-" corresponds to the connection

System connection

1. Off Grid wind power system:

Schematic diagram off grid wind power.jpg

 2. Hybrid Wind & Solar power system:

Schematic diagram-hybrid wind solar off grid system.jpg

 3. On Grid Wind power system:

on grid wind turbine generator system schematic diagram.jpg.jpg

Factory Views

producing line 1.jpg


Packing 2.jpg

Project View



1. What kind of region can be installed wind turbine?

Small wind turbines should be applied in the regions which wind resources is sufficient. The annual average wind speed should be more than 3m/s, the effective wind speed 3-20m/s should be more than 3000h in accumulation per year. The density of 3-20m/s effectively average wind power should be more than 100W/m2.

It should be noted that choosing the rated design speed wind turbine is in conformity with local design speed. It is significantly in making use of wind resources and in economic aspect. Wind tunnel test proves that the fan power transformation of the impeller in the direct ratio with wind speed, that is to say, the wind speed decide the output electrical power.

2. How to calculate the actual need power in my home to configure the appropriate power of wind turbines?

At present, battery stores the power from the wind turbine, then discharge to home appliances. So the power which discharged to the load and be charged timely by wind turbine is the amount of the actual needs power.

Take an example: the rated output power from wind turbine generator is 100W per hour, the continuous workable hours by wind is 4 hours. The battery can be charged total capacity is 400WH. For only about 70% power from battery can be discharged to the load, so the actual power which can be used from battery is 280WH.

If there are:

1) Bulb15W x 2 Pieces, working 4 hours one day, consumption 120WH

2) TV 35W x 1 set, working 3 hours one day, consumption 105WH

3) Radio 15W x 1 Piece, working 4 hours one day, consumption 60WH

Above total consumption is 285WH per day. If you only design to install 100W wind turbine generator, the consumption total power will more than the power from wind turbine generator. In long period of time using power from 100W wind turbine generator, it will make the battery serious loss of electricity and damaged, and it will cut down your battery service life.

It is assumed that wind turbine at rated wind power generation and energy consumption, but in fact, due to the variability of the wind, intermittent, there are strong and weak wind different (wind speed) and wind blow in long time and short time different(frequency). So you should cut down even cut off some electrical application working time when the wind condition is in poor to protect your battery. If your budget is enough, it will be better to install a diesel generator set or install solar panels at the same time.

3. How to select the correct battery capacity to get power from wind turbine generator?

Generally, the battery capacity should be equal or smaller than the power from wind turbine generator.

1) 100W wind turbine generator  matches 120AH battery(60AH x 2 Pieces)

2) 200W wind turbine generator  matches 120-180AH battery(60 OR 90AH x 2 Pieces)

3) 300W wind turbine generator  matches 240AH battery(120AH x 2 Pieces)

4) 750W wind turbine generator  matches 240AH battery(120AH x 2 Pieces)

5) 1000W wind turbine generator  matches 360AH battery(60AH x 3 Pieces)

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