Zeolite Molecular Sieve 3A, Adsorbents for ethanol dehydration (60179763019)

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Product Overview


Product Description

1.molecular sieve

molecular sieve is a material with very small holes of precise and uniform size. These holes are small enough to block large molecules, while allowing small molecules to pass. Many molecular sieves are used as desiccants. Some examples include activated charcoal and silica gel.

Zeolite Molecular sieves is kind of alkali-metalic, silicon-aluminum compounds which can   adsorb the molecules which critical diameter is not more than 9 angstroms.




The molecular sieve is a kind of the aluminosilicate. As there are even pore size and much more specific surface in it. It has much excellent merit:
(1) The selective absorption ,according to the size and shape of the absorbed molecule ,In this way ,it absorbs only those molecules whose diameter are less than the molecular sieve pore.
(2) It has the selective absorption for the polar or unsaturated molecules. The higher the polarity or instauration is ,the stronger selective absorption Is.
(3) It has strong water absorption .Even if higher temperature ,larger flow rate and lower water content, It keeps still higher water absorption .


Zeolite molecular sieves is used for general air-drying, decontaminating of raw material in air-separating equipments as well as dehydration of gases and liquids.


1).Technical Specification:














Static H2O Adsorption







Bulk density














Crush Strength







Loss on Attrition







Particle Ration








2).Process features:

1. The molecular sieve dehydration is a physical process, there is no environmental pollution and  "three wastes" emissions.

2. The products are of high quality,  strong ability of  dehydration, after dehydration ethanol concentration can reach 99.9%.

3. Sieve have long service life,normal operating conditions the replacement cycle is up to 5 years. By dehydration principle and structural characteristics of the molecular sieve equipment can ensure trouble-free operation in continuous working time of up to 300 days. The performance is stable, and its operation cost and used field area is less than that of other ways of  process. 
3).Structural features: 
Heat sensitive materials can be dried, dehydrated, condensed quickly under the normal temperature condition. Their dehydrated temperature is controlled under 40º C. It makes features of infrared measurement of temperature, digital timing, power adjustable, intelligent control, easy operation, even heating, and energy saving 50% in power consumption compared with general equipments. Besides, it is also used for the drying, dehydration, and condensed treatment of many oxidizable materials. Materials can be processed three-dimensional rotation and area of spreading materials is big. There are different grades of equipments to be selected.

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New Technology Description


1.Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process 

Our company designs and manufactures latest Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation equipment. This new process is promoted on the basis of traditional five-column differential-pressure column and mainly used for super-fine alcohol production.

The key of this process is the heating methods, the steam heats one column directly and transfers theheat to other 4 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

 In terms of electricity efficiency, it can save 50% electricity and avoid the repairing of circulating pumps and also extend the working life of there-boilers.



Double-Mash-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process


This process applies to the production of general-grade alcohol& fuel ethanol, and it was awarded Chinese national patent, it is the only successful application of double mash column & three-effect in the world, which produces general-grade alcohol.

This process is composed by mash column, rectification column and composite column. The composite column functions as mash column and rectification column.

 The key of this process is the heating methods: the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 2 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

The advantage of this process is energy-saving; it saves over 40% steam.




Our service 

Designed capability


1). We own Design License of Special Equipment D1 & D2 Class; Manufacture License of Special Equipment A2 Class; Design License of Special Equipment GC Class.

2). Our company achieves more than 20 patent certificates on distillation, DDGS, and other fields.

3). Our company owns ASME certification, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification & GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.




Production Capability


1). Our company was established in the 1950s, designed and manufactured the first stainless steel distillation column in China.

2).Our company can produce 6 full sets of equipment (including crushing section, liquefying and saccharification section, fermentation section, distillation section and DDGS section) in a month.

3).Among 16 production workshops, 3 workshops are for mechanic manufacture, 5 workshops are for manufacturing process, 8 workshops are for assembling & welding.

4).We own advanced machining equipment and product testing equipment.





International Exchange and Cooperation


JINTA is the largest designer and manufacturer of alcohol, fuel ethanol and DDGS equipment machinery in China. Our market of alcohol equipment in China keeps over 60% in the past 3 years and our products has been exported to more than 30 countries such as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and etc. We can develop different programs according to customers' raw materials and annual production and  have advanced process technology, especially in energy consumption.



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