Neodymium Magnet Strong Magnetic Strip

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Neodymium Magnet Strong Magnetic Strip

Magnets Strip

Core Advantage

In the recent 25 years, we have sucessfully customized more than 1000 kinds of magnets with different sizes and shapes, which applied to plenty of industrial fileds around the world.


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Magnet Description

Atech neo magnets


DNA Of  NdFeB Magnets


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  Material    Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron
 Working       Temperature   Grade                    Max. Workinging Temperatures
   N35-N52                             80°C  (176°F)
   33M- 48M                             100°C (212°F)
   33H-48H                             120°C  (248°F)


                             150°C  (302°F)
   30UH-40UH                             180°C (356°F)
   28EH-38EH                             200°C (392°F)
   28AH-35AH                             230°C (428°F)
Magnet Shapes Disc, Cylinder, Block, Ring, Countersunk, Segment, Trapezoid, Irregular shapes and more. The shapes can be customized.
Magnet Coatings Ni-Cu-Ni, Nickel, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Chemical, PTFE, Parylene, Everlube, Passivation and more.
Technology     Advantage Depending on advanced R&D center, Quality control team and professional machining technicians, we can surpass our competitors in the stability of quality and superiority of property.
Tolerance Standard tolerance, usually +/-0.05mm.


Atech Neodymium Permanent Magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnet ), the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure.Multiple choices of shapes can meet specific customer requirements.

Magnet Shape



Well known as "The Lord of Magnet", the tetragonal Nd2Fe14B crystal structure has exceptionally high uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy (HA ~7 T – magnetic field strength H in units of A/m versus magnetic moment in A·m2). This means a crystal of the material preferentially magnetizes along a specific crystal axis, but is very difficult to magnetize in other directions. The resistance of the crystal lattice to turning its direction of magnetization gives the compound a very high coercivity, or resistance to being demagnetized.


The Nd2Fe14B compound a high saturation magnetization (Js ~1.6 T or 16 kG) and typically 1.3 teslas. Therefore, as the maximum energy density is proportional to Js2, this magnetic phase has the potential for storing large amounts of magnetic energy (BHmax ~ 512 kJ/m3 or 64 MG·Oe). This magnetic energy value is about 18 times greater than "ordinary" magnets by volume. This property is higher in NdFeB alloys than in samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets, which were the first type of rare-earth magnet to be commercialized. In practice, the magnetic properties of neodymium magnets depend on the alloy composition, microstructure, and manufacturing technique employed.




The Grade of a magnet generally indicates how “strong” a magnet material is, which is measured by the Maximum Energy Product. The energy product is commonly specified in units of Gauss Oersted. The higher the grade the “stronger” the magnet.


Atech Neodymium Permanent Magnet are graded according to their maximum energy product, which relates to the magnetic flux output per unit volume. Higher values indicate stronger magnets and range from N35 up to N52.  and M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH series,can be customized into a wide range of shapes and sizes with precise tolerances. Multiple choices of coatings and magnetization orientations can meet specific customer requirements. Letters following the grade indicate maximum operating temperatures (often the Curie temperature), which range from M (up to 100 °C) to EH (200 °C) to AH (230 °C)




As Neodymium magnet is prone to corrosion, it is usually preferable to be coated for protection. Among a variety of options for coatings, nickel and nickel-copper-nickel are the most commonly used, making the magnet more corrosion resistant and durable.

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Our magnet products can be delivered magnetized and un-magnetized. Some production methods require the magnets being incorporated into assemblies in a un-magnetized state and magnetized later once the assembly is completed. There are various magnetic orientations available for different shapes of magnets.



Technical Data


Our company is committed to the research and development of good performance NdFeB magnets. Our product range covers all grades listed in the following performance table, and we are better at (following up the requirements of customers) the adjustment of formula and the pursuit of the top valued magnetic products..


Technical Data .jpg



1. The above mentioned data of magnetic parameters and physical properties are given at room temperature of 20℃±2.

2. The maximum service temperature of  magnet is changeable due to the ratio of length and diameter, coating and environmental factors.

Packaging & Shipping

The magnet is packed in high quality plastic bags, Protective foam boxes, cartons and wooden pallets are used to ensure that every package is firm and secure and the products are very well protected. For air shipment, iron sheets and bubble packs are also used to shield magnetized magnets so that external effects of magnetic fields can be minimized to meet the requirements of aviation safety. 

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Atech Neodymium Permanent Magnet provide safe and timely shipping by air and by sea through Fedex, UPS, DHL and TNT. Tracking information is available. Your appointed forwarder is also welcome.




Neodymium magnets ( Nd2Fe14B Magent ) can be dangerous, as they generate extremely strong pull forces, therefore must be handled with care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attracting magnets. Neodymium magnets are brittle, and can shatter if allowed to slam together, launching small pieces at great speeds. Eye protection should be worn when handling there magnets.


The strong magnetic fields of neodymium magnets can also damage electronic appliances and magnetic media, as well as affect the operation of medical devices. Never place neodymium magnets near television, VCRs, computers, credit cards, magnetic, video tapes, pacemakers and etc.

Company Information


Compnay Overview


Established in 1992, HTXD (Atech) Metal Materials is a leading professional Neodymium magnet manufacturer with 25 years experience of working with our customers for the best magnetic solutions. Equipped with state-of-art manufacturing facilities, our company has an annual production capacity of over 1000 tons.






We strive for excellence in serving our customers through:

1.Just-for-You Customization: expertise in tailored design and production;

2.Quality Guarantee: strong quality control capabilities;

3.Cost Advantage: innovative production techniques and superior supply chain management;

4.Time Efficiency: optimized manufacturing planning and scheduling;

5.One-Stop Customer Support: within-12 hours response from dedicated well-trained customer service representative;

6.Product Performance Improvement: continuous R&D research on “high consistency, low weight loss, high working temperature and anti-corrosion”.


Quality Control


As a ISO certified company, we insist in pursuiting of high quality manufacturing and precise inspection. we take the quality control as the fundation rocks of our cooperations .






Shows & Cooperations



With 25 years of experience specializing in research and manufacture of magnetic materials, we have been closely working with customers from automotive field, IT & household electric appliance fields, medical, environmental & energy fields, as well as a wide range of other industrial and consumer product fields.


1) 32% of our customers are regional leaders ranking top 5 in terms of annual turnover in their industries;

2) 26% of our customers are fast growing companies with an annual revenue growth rate of 30% and above;

3) 45% of our customers have been running business in their current industry field for over 10 years;

4) 42% of our customers have been continually cooperated with us for magnetic solutions for over 10 years;

5) 67% of our customers trust us to supply over 50% share of their magnetic product purchase.


Automotive Field


HEV Driving Motors

Electric Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Equipment


Ignition Coils

Electric Air Compressors

Car Navigation System HDDs


Jam Prosensors

Electric Power Steering (EPS)Motors

Electric Braking Equipment

ABS sensors

Automatic Transmission Gear

Active Stabilizers

IT/Household Electric Appliance Fields


Air Conditioners and Refrigerators: Compressor Motors

Washing Machines: Rotating Shaft Motors

CDs and DVDs: Pickups and Clampers

HDDs: Voice Coil Motors

Cell Phones: Focusing Motors, Vibration Motors, Shutter Actuators, and Micro Loudspeakers

Electric Bicycles

Sports Equipments

Home Security Systems.




Medical, Environmental and Energy Fields


MRI scanners

Radiant Light Undulators

Wind Power Generators

Micro Turbine Generators


Consumer Product Fields


Kitchen and Garden Tools




Toys and Presents

Clothing and Accessories

Purses and Bags

Packing Boxes and Cases

Other Industrial Fields


Servomotors: Automation, Robots

Elevator Motors

Linear Motors: Maglev Propulsion

Water Power Generator

Magnetic seperation and recycling equipments

Water treatment equipments

Copiers and Printers

Mining Equipments

Electric Pumps

Magnetic Switches

Watt-hour meters

Step Motors

Brushless Motors.







1. Which is the strongest type of magnet? 
Neodymium (more precisely Neodymium-Iron-Boron) magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

2. What are neodymium magnets?  Are they the same as "rare earth"?
Neodymium magnets are a member of the rare earth magnet family. They are called "rare earth" because neodymium is a member of the "rare earth" elements on the periodic table. Neodymium magnets are the strongest of the rare earth magnets and are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

3. What's the Grade of a magnet ?

Atech Neodymium Permanent Magnet are graded according to their maximum energy product, which relates to the magnetic flux output per unit volume. Higher values indicate stronger magnets and range from N35 up to N52.  and M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH series,can be customized into a wide range of shapes and sizes with precise tolerances. Multiple choices of coatings and magnetization orientations can meet specific customer requirements. Letters following the grade indicate maximum operating temperatures (often the Curie temperature), which range from M (up to 100 °C) to EH (200 °C) to AH (230 °C)

4. What materials do magnets attract? 
Ferromagnetic materials are strongly attracted by a magnetic force.  The elements iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co) are the most commonly available elements. Steel is ferromagnetic because it is an alloy of iron and other metals.

5. What materials can I use to block/shield magnetic fields?
Magnetic fields cannot be blocked, only redirected. The only materials that will redirect magnetic fields are materials that are ferromagnetic (attracted to magnets), such as iron, steel (which contains iron), cobalt, and nickel. The degree of redirection is proportional to the permeability of the material. The most efficient shielding material is the 80 Nickel family, followed by the 50 Nickel family.

6. How is the strength of a magnet measured?
Gaussmeters are used to measure the magnetic field density at the surface of the magnet. This is referred to as the surface field and is measured in Gauss (or Tesla).  Pull Force Testers are used to test the holding force of a magnet that is in contact with a flat steel plate. Pull forces are measured in pounds (or kilograms).

7. Can I cut, drill, or machine neodymium magnets?
The Neodymium Iron Boron material is very hard and brittle, so machining is difficult at best.

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 We highly valued in working closely with our customers to understand their expectations and to meet and exceed them. Ateh company aimed to supply our customers with the highest quality magnet produts, the considerate service and the most excellent technical support.



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