Food grade amyloglucosidase enzyme (60202474826)

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Product Overview


Food grade amyloglucosidase, amyloglucosidase enzyme

Company introduction

Jiangsu Boli Bioproducts Co.,Ltd., whose history can be traced back to 1998, is an ISO certified professional enzyme manufacturer in China. With almost twenty years' expertise and experience, Boli produce quality and costeffective enzymes like Glucoamylase, Heat stable alpha amylase, Fungal alpha amylase, Protease, Betaglucanase, Catalase, etc. These enzymes have a wide range of applications from Food baking, Starch Sugar, Glucose syrup, Beer, Brewing, Animal feed, Fuel ethanol production, Textile desizing, just list a few.
As a leading manufacturer in China, Boli is always focus on providing the best quality products of the highest standard at the best possible price, thus decrease its end customers' production cost and bring added value to their business. So we will never let you down if you give us a chance to show ourselves to you ! Boli, is always your reliable parnter in Enzyme preparations !

Product Description

Product highlights

HGA-100 dose not contain Glucosidase, thus enables high conversion rate from starch to sugar. Use of this product in grain processing leads to:  1. Considerably reduced saccharifying time and processing costs; 
2. Significantly enhanced saccharification efficacy; 
3. Possibilities to use higher concentration substrate; 
4. Greatly increased glucose yield; 
5. Eliminated reverse reaction. 

High conversion Glucoamylase HGA-100 is made from controlled fermentation of selected strains of Aspergillus Niger. HGA-100 catalyzes the release of glucose units from the non-reducing ends of soluble dextrins by hydrolyzing both linear (1, 4-alpha-D) and branch (1, 6-alpha-D) glucosidic linkages. 

Product Characteristics

Declared Enzyme

High conversion Glucoamylase





E. C., 4-α -D-Glucan glucanohydrolase 


100, 000 U/ml (minimum)


Light to dark brown liquid

Product pH

4.0 to 4.5

Specific gravity

1.10 to 1.15 g/ml



Effect of pH 
For maximum activity, the optimal pH for HGA-100 is in the range of 4.0 to 4.5. 


Effect of Temperature 
The optimal temperature range for HGA-100 is 58 to 65 degrees centigrade (137 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit). 


Dosage Guidelines
Typical dosage of HGA100 is at a level of 0.4 to 0.8 kg/TDS. The exact dosage depends on the actual processing conditions such as raw materials, temperature, reaction time, pH and the desired results of the individual plant.

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