GMV5 Mini Console indoor unit air conditioner

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Console Mini GMV5 indoor unit central air conditioners  

North America standard Mini VRV air conditioning - Multi split commercial air con

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This R410a Inverter Mini GMV5 air conditioner is ideal for small offices, villas, apartment and shops.

Gree launched the Mini GMV5 aircon especially for North America.

The R410a Inverter Mini GMV5 air conditioner support piping length up to 300m, max. 8 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit, making it perfect for commercial and residential application.


Gree GMV5 mini has five different indoor units to meet different requirements, including high static pressure duct type, low static pressure duct type, 4-way cassette, wall-mounted and console indoor unit.



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Gree 60hz Mini GMV5 air conditioner

  • Advanced control functions

  • Better reliability

  • Compact outdoor unit design

  • DC inverter scroll compressor

  • Eco-friendly R410a refrigerant

  • Flexible piping design

  • Greatly improved energy efficiency




Features (Gree 60hz Mini GMV5 air conditioner):



1. Designed for North America



2. All DC Inverter Technology, Wider Operation Condition Range

  • Cooling -5°c ~ 48°c

  • Heatling -20°c ~ 27°c


3. Comfortable and Reliable

  • Advanced intelligent defrosting model is adopted

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  • Compressor Closed-loop Startup technology

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4. High Anti-interference Ability

The latest CAN bus communication technology is adopted.

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5. Ultra-long Connection Pipe for More Convenient Connection 


The Mini GMV5 air conditioner provides a total Max. piping length of 300m, connection pipe length of the farthest indoor unit of 120m.

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6. Easy installation

No need special room, easy transported, the Mini GMV5 system's indoor and outdoor units air conditioners are almost as easy to install as residential air conditioning systems, making them ideal for small offices and shops.



7. Saple saving design

The Mini GMV5 air conditioners are slimmer and more compact, save installation space. In some large residential and light commercial areas, such as villas, restaurants, usually it need more than one indoor unit, which in turn requires multiple outdoor units. Gree's Mini GMV5 air conditioner removes this problem, and retains buildings' original aesthetics.

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