Nail Salon Furniture Modern Nail Table Manicure Table Mall Beauty Nail Bar table

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Product Overview


Nail salon furniture modern nail table manicure table 


Product Description


Product item

 Nail salon furniture modern nail table manicure table 


 Myshine Kiosk

Main Material

 MDF, Baking Paint, Glass




 AS you like

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 T/T , Western Union,L/C

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 10 Days





            2                                                                               1   

                 Premium MDF                                                                            Certified wood materials

MDF has no grain it can be cut,drilled,                                        Certified Wood Materials and low-VOC Machined And filed without damaging                                                    adhesives and paints reduce the

the surface.MDF May be glued together                                           environment impact and improve the

with PVA wood glue.                                                                            Air quality of your store environment.

Oil,water-based paints and varnishes may be

Used on MDF.Fire retardant MDF panel can

Reduce the risk of damage and loss that stone

Disaster bring to you.


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             Baking Paints                                                                         High End Hardware Accessories


  You can select with Pantone                                                             We’ve got our own metal production

To Customize your unique color.                                                           Workshop and produce the worlds

                                                                                                                      Exquisite hardware to improve

                                                                                                                 Total quality of the display cabinets.


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