paper plate making machine using CTP Processor for Thermal CTP Platesetter UV CTP Plate Maker Amsky

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Product Overview


 If you want a partner who really cares about your printing business, choose Superluck!
 Product Function:
 Superluck CTP Plate Processor is especially used to develop Thermal CTP Plates and UV CTP Plates. The whole working process contains four steps: Developing + Washing +Gumming +Baking/Drying.
Product Features:

1.PVC tank and duralumin body resistant to corrosion.

2. Extra-long developing with stable uniformity, especially adaptive to high-speed photosensitization thermal or UV CTP plates.

3. Overdeveloping gum roller assures no damage to the surface and two sets of wash brushes assures sufficient development.

4. Independent develop cooling system keeps the develop temperature fluctuation within 0.5 dgree Celcius.

5. Accurate automatic anti-oxidation detecting and replenishing system of Superluck CTP plate processor controls developing concentration.

6. Automatic cleaning and recycling.

7. Precise PLC control, processing without any letup.

8. Energy saving and environment friendly.

Technical Specification:

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Product Exhibition

Superluck CTP Processor on APPP EXPO

July 3rd to 7th, 2014 APPP EXPO in Shanghai,Superluck CTP Processor is exhibited with Amsky CTP 



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Product images

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Superluck machines' video are available on Youtube: please search these words "superluck offset prepress" or contact our online services for links. 






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