Fiberglass Direct Roving For Pultrusion

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Fiberglass Direct Roving For Pultrusion


              Fiberglass Direct Roving        

                                                                                                                          For Pultrusion




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Product Type


Direct roving for filament winding Assembled roving for centrifugal casting
Direct roving for pultrusion Assembled panel roving
Direct roving for weaving Assembled roving for thermoplastics
Direct roving for LFT Assembled roving for GMT
Assembled roving for spray up Assembled roving for CSM
Assembled roving for filament winding  
Assembled roving for SMC  






   Fiberglass Direct Roving For Pultrusion


      • Minimal fuzz during processing

      Fast wet-out and wet-through

      Good fiber dispersion and high composite mechanical properties

      Strands are easily opened to expose individual filaments,minimizing impregnation work

      High strength

      Even payout tension

      • Low rate of dry abrasion over creel contact points


E-Glass Direct Rovings for Pultrusion are compatible with polyester,vinyl ester and epoxy resins.
E-Glass Direct Rovings for Pultrusion are used to produce gratings,various rods and profiles.



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                    Linear Density,tex                            Resin Compatibility

               1200/2400/48000/9600                                      EP,UP

                          300~9600                                              UP,VE,EP

                             750                                                     UP,VE,EP

             300/600/1200/2400/4400                                 UP,VE,EP,PF












Best use period   


  15 - 35 ℃,keep it cool and dry


  35% - 65%


  Packed with a plastic film bag,then in carton box


  In 12 months




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Product Type



Resin Compatibility

Fiberglass direct roving for filament winding 200~9600 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass direct roving for pultrusion 300~9600 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass direct roving for weaving 300-4800 UP,VE,EP,PF
Fiberglass direct roving for LFT 400-2400 PA,PBT,PET
Fiberglass assembled roving for spray up 24,003,000 UP,PU,VE
Fiberglass assembled roving for filament winding 1200-4800 UP,VE
Fiberglass assembled roving for SMC 2400-4800 UP,VE,PU
Fiberglass assembled roving for CSM 1200-4800 UP, VE,EP
Fiberglass assembled roving for centrifugal casting 2400 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass assembled panel roving 24,003,200 UP
Fiberglass assembled roving for thermoplastics 2000 PP,PBT,PET,ABS,AS
Fiberglass assembled roving for GMT 2400 PP


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                1. Down-Lead

                2. Drawing

                3. Drying

                4. Winding

                5. Stacking Packaging

                6. Finished Product Packing



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