Koi Fish Pond Filter / Fish Farm Rotary Drum Filter

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Product Overview


Product Introduction 


The TPA  koi fish pond filter for fish pond for aquaculture is based on German advanced technology and made in China. It is a low energy consumption mechanical filter using a micro strainer to remove the waste and tiny particles in the water.


Product Description


drum filter

 The koi fish pond filter  is one of the pretreatment solid separating devices used for small and medium fish pond/ aquaculture, and a device which can remove solid suspended matter (including feces, food waste and other organic waste) continuously and effectively.




How it works?


The polluted water inputs the TPA through the water inlet pipes, flows into the boxes, and then into the interior of the filtering drum. The filtering drum is covered with a micro mesh. The polluted water can only leave the drum by passing the filter mesh, all particles bigger than the filter mesh will stay inside the drum filter. The waste particles will gradually block mesh, made water hard to get through the mesh, and thus lowering the water level of the box. Once the water level reaches a setting lowest level, sensor could react and make the system begin cleaning procedure. Finally, all the waste particles blocking the mesh will swash to the waste tray and then leave the filter through the water discharge.


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Model No.Filtration PrecisionMaterialInlet Diameter(mm)Outlet Diameter(mm)Waste watre pipe(mm)Water Flow Rate(T/H)Pond VolumeMotor Power(W)Cabinet Size(L*W*H mm)
With fish (m³)No fish (m³)
TPA1520-150umCabinet: HDPE100, Filter element: Nylon OR completely Stainless steel2*1102*1101*110153060490610*504*540
TPA300500*125 (sq)1*4001*110300600120010502960*1650*1730
*Above Parameters only for reference, customized available for detailed requirements






1. The construction and the drum filter plates are made of HDEPE OR stainless steel 304 for freshwater or 316L for saltwater.


2. Remove all the solids and suspended substances over 30μm away from water.


3. Automatic rinsing system included.


4. Steady operation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.


5. The drum surface is very suitable for fluid transmission.


6. The whole set is in stainless condition, never corrosion.


7. It is also widely used for selection of high-density fluid.


8. Continuous rotation. Discharging and cleaning contaminant automatically.


9. Adopting drum design enables filtration area enlarged.


10. Compact structure, taking small space, low consumption.


11. Completely sealing design prevents 2nd pollution.






Aquaculture fish pond drum filter/ Drum mesh filter


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Top Machinery is located in Chengdu, being with convenient traffic, developed communication, vast territory and a good space for development. We are professional manufacturer and exporter of accessories for water, oil, gas and environmental industries. The products mainly including filter elements like Johnson screen mesh , water well screen, V shaped wire welded screen pipe, strainer pipe, spiral screen tube, wire-wrap screen pipe, wedge wire screen tube, mine screen mesh, arc screen, flat wedge wire panel, as well as self-cleaning filter, inline strainer, drum filter, ion exchanger, diatomite filter, etc. Since the company established, we insist on good quality, making the business range extend continually.

All of production lines are provided on a turnkey basis including design, program, installation, commission, and complete technology transfer and personnel training, which are backed by our extensive experience. Complete spare parts/components and engineering services are provided according to customers' requirements. We sincerely hope to establish cooperation with you. We sincerely welcome all clients to contact us for details.





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