ZhongLi ZLK1002 Cast Iron 10Kw European Small Wood Modern Pellet Stove With CE Certificate

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Product Overview


Product Description
Air Inlet PipeMM48
Exhaust Outlet PipeMM80
Heat AreaM290
Automatic Burning Time(Min-Max)H11/28
Fuel pellet
Consumption for Pellet(Min-Max) KG/H0.7/2.0
Hopper Capacity KG22
Rating Voltage and FrequencyV/HZ230/50
Rating PowerKW3.5/10

Solid Biomass Energy Enjoys Large Advantage:

1. Biomass energy is renewable energy,belongs to recycling economy;

2. Biomass consists of quite less sulfur and nitrogen,carbon dioxide emission is as less as zero.


8 Advantages of Live-flame Pellet Stove:

1.Heat radiation like sunshine, pellet stove heating can help users avoid calcium dificiency;

2.Part high temperature inside the room can make indoor air convection and effectively improve indoor air quality;

3.When water vapor meets high temperature, negative oxygen ions will be generated to effectively improve oxygen content;

4.Compared with air conditioner and geothermal heating, pellet stove heating is the most direct, the fastest, the most visible warmth and the most energy efficient;

5.Pellet stove adjusts indoor air humidity, can make the skin slightly perspire and moisten the skin;

6.It is the messenger of family harmony, family sitting around the stove to share happiness;

7.People will have a sense of security calm and feel comfortable around the pellet stove.It is the highest courtesy to receive a visitor before the pellet stove;

8.Pellet stove symbolizes authority, wealth and love, and is the treasure of prosperity.

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