FUJI 3 floors villa elevator home lift (60277983869)

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Product Overview


FUJI 3 floors villa elevator home lift 


Fuji Control System, Smooth Start, Quiet Moving
Fuji passenger elevator special frequency changer takes the control theory of the advanced technology as the foundation. The start, acceleration, brake curves are designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to get the finest coziness. It is a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system.


The top-grade door machine system
It is equipped with self-study function. It internally sets the optimized running curve with the convenient adjustment. The synchronous belt drive is of the little machine parts, light weight, fine safety, convenient maintenance.


Comfortable & Silent
VVVF drive ensures Fuji operate more smoothly. Nice noise control brings passenger peaceful riding experience.


Safe & Reliable
Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space. Parts after reliability test ensure elevator run continuously stably.



Capacity:  250KGS-3000KGS 

Spend:0.3 M/s - 6.0M/s

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Main functions
1.        Inspection operationYES29.     Over speed protectionYES
2.        Sloe speed runningYES30.     Contact protection for brake switchesYES
3.        Automatic door’ opening time adjustmentYES31.    Interphone communicationYES
4.        Full load bypassYES32.    Wheeling protectionYES
5.        Automatic turn off lighting and fanYES33.    Alarm bellYES
6.        Automatic return to home landingYES34.    Emergency lightingYES
7.       Door re closingYES35.    Level switch protectionYES
8.        Error recordingYES36.    False call cancelingYES
9.        Hoistway self learningYES37.    Automatic reversal call cancelingYES
10.    Automatic door’openingYES38.    Floor display directional setupYES
11.     Attendant serviceYES39.    Isolate runningYES
12.     Bypass operationYES40.     Dot matrix floor indicatorYES
13.    Automatic correction of floor position signalYES41.     Rolling display of running direction YES
14.    Lift locking YES42.     CAN communication protectionYES
15.    Protection of door lockup outside door areaYES43.     Arrival gongYES
16.     Infrared light curtain protectionYES44.    Emergency return in case of fire YES
17.    Over load protectionYES45.    Main control protection YES
18.    Reversal running protectionYES46.     Main control CPU WDT protectionYES
19.    Anti skip protectionYES47.    Discretional setup of service floorYES
20.    Anti terminal over running protectionYES48.    Test runningYES
21.    Phase protectionYES49.    Clock controlYES
22.    Phase protectionYES50.     Direct landingYES
23.     Contactor protectionYES51.    Load weighing device YES
24.    Failure analysis of shaft self learnYES52.    Full collective controlYES
25.    Motor temperature protectionYES53.    Door opening button(external)YES
26.    Door opening failure protectionYES54.    Door opening button(internal)YES
27.    Protection for door lock short circuitYES55.     Fire running functionYES
28.    Door lock failure for brake switchesYES   





Our Services


As one of the biggest manufacturer of elevator & escalator, Fuji Elevator hews to stringent safety criterion in international elevator industry.In order to provide professional services for the modernization market, Fuji Elevator has built a professional modernization team with experienced and skilled engineers.According to the various special requirements from the clients, Fuji Elevator will provide more reliable, more maturity and more economy solutions.




The final assembly of elevators are conducted on site, which is the most important chain in assembly. We will send professional project manager to be responsible for internal planning, coordination, distribution of labor, project quality management and safety management of the installation project. Prior to the launch of each project, the project manager shall hold internal inaugural meeting to develop construction scheme and exchange technical documentations, and develop emergency scheme according to actual situations, so as to guarantee the project is completed in line with quality requirements and without delay. We constantly develop the latest elevator installation workmanships in order to remain at the world-leading level. Compared with traditional elevator installation workmanships, installation without scaffold saves a lot of trouble in erecting and dismantling scaffolds, standardizes installation procedures, shorten the installation period and improve its quality. Fuji Elevator will provide you with best product quality, best project quality and best service quality.



We have always attached great importance to the development of maintenance technologies. And, in the light of properties and application environment of different elevators, we has developed unique maintenance procedures as well as special computer and tools. In addition to routine maintenance, we will inspect your elevator periodically with special presumptive diagnostic technology and develop personalized maintenance scheme according to your elevator’s operation conditions, to protect against possible troubles and maximize its operation time.


Renewal and Reconstruction

We will appropriately apply new technology, feature and material to in-service elevator to expand its functions, improve operation reliability and traveling comfort, and further satisfy special demands of customers.



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