National Invention Patent Product banana tree biological fertilizer

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Product Overview


Product Description


ZHOUTIAN brand biological fertilizer for banana tree is produced according to the physiological charicteristics and nutrient uptake feature of the banana tree,the technology used is in the world advance level.


It is a integrate the biological fertilizer,chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer and the medium trace element fertilizer


It not only keep the nutrient balance of the NPK and both keep the balance of the organic and inorganic

Ensure both the quick efficiency of inorganic fertilizer and the long-term efficiency of organic fertilizer







Product details:





Humic acid15%

Organic  matter20%

Amino acid 10%


Living bacteria count20million/g


Nitrogen fixation

Decomposition of the phosphorus

Decomposition of the potassium

Decomposition of the carbon

Disease resistance


Increase the root vitality

Provide the nutrient and the hormone for banana tree

Increase the quality and quantity of the bananas

Lessen the influence of the plant diseases and insect pests  

A healthy soil reduces disease and helps the banana tree grow strong and healthy.

Increate the ability of cold resistance, drought resistance and water logging resistance.

Promote the root and the seeding growth healthily

Strong and long term effect of fertilizer

Reduce the harmful to the soil of the chemical fertilizers

Protect the environment

They are good for plants absorption and friendly environment etc.


Scope of application

Banana Tree


50KG per bag

We can also custom-made according to customer’s demands  



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Technological Cooperation

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Pharmaceutical factory, starch factory, brewery, sugar refinery, Slaughter house etc residues harmless management

Packaging & Shipping

  Packing:50KG per bag for banana tree fertilizer or as clients request

  Deliver:within 15 days after the deposit or LC

Our Services

 If you have any questions or problems for the banana tree fertilizer or disease maters,please do not hesitate to contac us,we have our own technology expert to help you solving any difficult problems.




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