low price PE septic tank price,digestion tank

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Product Overview


low price PE septic tank price,digestion tank

How it works: 
    Septic tank is a principle of using anaerobic digestion to remove sediment and suspended organic matter sewage primary treatment of the structures of the most sewage contains large amounts of manure, litter, insect pathogens and other impurities, suspended solids concentration of 100-350mg of solid / L. Sewage into the septic tank after 12-24h of precipitation 50% -60% removal of suspended solids. Sludge settling down more than 3 months after anaerobic digestion, decomposition of organic matter in the sludge into a stable inorganic, perishable raw sludge into a stable mature sludge, changed the structure of the sludge, reducing the moisture content of sludge, regular Qingtao Sinotrans, landfill or used as fertilizer.
Product performance and characteristics:
1, the product of high quality glass fiber composite materials, is acid, alkali resistance, tensile, compression, impact resistance, strength advantages, life can be synchronized with the construction.
    2, sealing, and do not penetrate, the traditional septic tank thoroughly to prevent groundwater pollution caused by the leakage.
While improving the swampy ground subsidence damage to the building, with good environmental benefits. 
3, the device uses a unique design and high efficiency packed biofilm, removal efficiency, small footprint, covering site selection and flexible, especially suitable for transformation of the old city sewer system construction zone set up septic tank. 


Processing technology:



Spetic tanks with the high performance composite materials-HDPE liner and glass fiber shell. The Flange tank is make of FRP liner, forming by glass fiber cloth and resin mold.


Pressure :
    1.)Max operating pressure is 100psi
    2.)Max bursting pressure is 300psi
    3.)Max testing pressure is 150psi


Aigue test: 100.000times incessantly cycle test. Each tank must pass the strict water pressure test before its selling.

Temperature:1 °C -49 °C


Merits and features:


1. perfect corrosion-resistant performance; anti-aging and long lifetime.


2.Light weight; high strength; heat insulation;  non-toxic and smooth surface

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Application :


1. Industrial Water Treatment with multi-layer media


2. Water Softening


3. Centralized Filtration System for high rise residential and commercial buildings such as residence, high rise office building, hotels and resorts.


4. Aquaculture, fish farming filtration system


5. Many other water filtration and treatment applications.




Full choice of pressure tanks:


1.Residential tanks (08"~12"diameter)


2.Commercial tank (14"~24" diameter) 
3.Industrial tanks (30"~80"diameter)




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