Rare earth chelate biological essence of the fertilizer biological agent fertilizer

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Rare earth chelate biological essence of the fertilizer


Zhoutian Rare earth chelate biological essence of the fertilizer is a kind of microbial agent which contains the LVFENGKANG 988 compound microbial beneficial bacterium. Each contain more than 200 million microbial beneficial bacterium per gram.



Living bacteria count

Amino acid

Humic acid

Medium trace element

≥200million per gram

≥ 15%

≥ 20%



Small dosage, more use method,big effect

Improve the root and seeding

Disease-resistant, expelling parasite

Make the fruit bigger and sweeter

Increase the yield

Enhance the absorb efficiency of the fertilizer and the pesticide


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Packing:20g per bag or as per clients requests

Delivery:Within 8-15 days after the deposit or LC at sight

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1.Make the benefit bacterial strain more stronger,and optimize the root system environment,the benefit microbial in the Rare earth chelate biological essence of the fertilizer produce the polysaccharide, Life active peptide, etc bioactive factor, which could combine with the plant mucilage and the mineral rubber


2.Nitrogen fixation, soluble phosphorus and potassium, improve the fertilizer efficiency


Zhoutian Rare earth chelate biological essence of the fertilizer could provide the nutrient to the plant continuously through the Super microbial flora who have the function of loosen the soil, Activation of soil fertility, nitrogen fixation, soluble phosphorus and potassium, Release the kinds of the calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron in the activating soil.

In the meantime produce the cytokinin and the life element to promot the crops growth and increase the immunity.

Increase the rate of absorbtion and utilization of the crops by Spur the growth of crop root system,increase the Increasing number of root hair.

It also have the function of water retention, fertilizer maintenance and drought resisting.


3. Inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria,

disease prevention, Disinsection, Resistance to continuous cropping


It have obvious effective to the various diseases that caused by the bacteria and the virus.

Inhibits more than30 kinds of soil spread diseases,it also could lodging-resistant and resist decrepitude

The diseases included root-knot nematode, aphid, red spider, powdery mildew, Green become withered, root rot, grape dehiscent fruit,Cherry dehiscent fruit

It could bring the dying plant back to life which have suffered of the pesticide poisoning and the Chemical fertilizer damage.


4. Quickly and stable fertilizer efficiency, Small investment for the farmers.


After fertilization,the growth rate will be more fast,after two days the leaves will be dark green obviously, after three days, the straw will be more stronger, the leaves will be thickening, the fruit will be more bigger, usually the yield could increase by 10-30% or even more.


5.Apply to wide range of the crops,convenience,easy and time save.


Use methods:



Mixed up with add 2-3times liquid water, then add 100 times liquid water for water flush or root-irrigation,

30-45kg per HA,

It could also could used for aquaculture increase oxygen,15-30kg per HA,



Spraying on the foliage after add 1000-2000 times liquid water,

1500-3000gram per time,7-10 days each interval.


Base fertilizer

Broadcast  fertilizer,


Seed dressing

Add 2000 times liquid water, and then mixed evenly or properly with the seeds, after two hours Sowing Seeds.Prohibition stay overnight for the seed dressing,15-75kg per HA


Dipping the root

Add 1000-1500 times liquid water and then mixed with the pond sludge or the farmyard manure in to the pulpous state,then Adhere it around the root For crop transplanting


Manufacturing nutritional soil

500-1000gram per per cubic metre nutrient soil


Nursery bed-treatment

15-30kg per HA


Preservation method:

Keep in the dry and shade place


Shelf life: Two years






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