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Product Overview


Pipe Sealing Cord
20m,50m, 80m, 100m, 120m, 150m, 160m, etc
EN751-2,MSDS ,TDS,Temperature Test
High Temp, Low Temp, no curing, Timely adjustment
Shelf life
4 Years

Pipe Sealing Cord, Thread Sealing.

Thread Sealing Cord - immediate full pressure sealing. Allows reliable re-adjustments.
Pipe Sealing Cord is a non-curing, coated multifilament cord that seals out air and other common gases and fluids. Built-in cutter to easily apply the proper amount of cord. Recommended for sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings . Allows for post assembly adjustments.

Pipe Sealing Cord Feature 

1. General purpose, threaded pipe and fitting sealant
2. Non curing, immediate, full pressure seal
3. For a quick, easy and reliable seal

Thread Seal Adhesive

Thread Sealing Adhesive 

Liquid water pipe thread seal adhesive seal and secure metal pipes and fittings, hardening instantly to prevent leakage and rust.
When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most piping systems, a good replacement of traditional sealing twine, oil or belt.
1. Single component without any solvent, cure on room temperature 
2. 100% wholly fill the pipe thread gap.
3. Not contaminate the sealed mediums, not block pipeline
4. With lubricative ability to prevent thread unloosed
5. Ease to install, disassemble and eliminate
6. Resistant to most chemicals, vibration and aging

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