Hight Efficient Compound Microorganism Bacterium Agent Drip Irrigation Liquid Fertilizers

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Hight Efficient Compound Microorganism Bacterium Agent Drip Irrigation Liquid Fertilizers

This product produce process have adopt the national 863 plan biological high tech Major projects of scientific research achievements which is in the advance of international level


This product contains the LVFENGKANG 988 compound bacterium agent , cytokinin , auxin , amino acid and humic acid etc high quality raw materials 


Technology: Adopts the advanced biological fermentation process


It have all the kinds of the necessary nutrients ,root and seeding promoter , and the biological stress resistance factors that the plant growth need.


It is a kind of the ecological fertilizer that have no toxic, no chemical hormone, safe and the first choose for producing the nuisance free agricultural product.




Living bacteria count (CFU)


Medium trace element

Humic acid

Amino acid

Organic materials

Biological fulvic acid


≥ 15%

≥ 6%


≥ 10%

≥ 30%


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Packaging & Shipping


Packing: 25L per barrel or as clients request

Delivery:8-15 days after the deposit or LC at sight


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This products contains the necessary nutrients that the plant growth need like such as the amino acid, humic acid, biological NPK, medium trace element and platy of the organic materials, which could improve the soil physical characteristics, soil aggregate structure and reduce the soil compactness.


It also could translate the invalid cellulose, carbon element, phosphorous into the the form of the the plant could absorbed easily, around 4 hours the nutrients will be absorbed by the plant, after 24 hours the growth rate will be speed up obviously, Can be harvested 5 to 10 days in advance, yield increased by 10-30% generally.


Packing: 25L per barrel or as clients request

Delivery:8-15 days after the deposit or LC at sight


Executive standard







Cold resistance

Drought enduring

Waterlogging resistance

Water and nutrient retention

Without any harmful residues

Nitrogen fixation

Phosphate solubilizing

Potassium solubilizing

Disease resistant

Expelling parasite

Promoting growth

promote the photosynthesis

Increase the yield

Senescence prevention

Provide the nutrient that the plant need

Contain a lot of beneficial microorganism



Applicable crops


Wheat, Corn, Rice, Cotton, Tobacco, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit tree ,etc





Method of use


Watering flush:150-300 KG per HA

Root irrigation: Fertilization after add 200-300 times water

Drip irrigation : Vegetables and the field crop 45-75 KG per time per HA

Grape and the fruit tree :75-120KG per HA


Shelf life

Three years




 1.    This product is the high concentrate biological organic fertilizer.


 2.    Nonpoisonous, if there have some insoluble materials it is the carrier of the effect nutrient, after water flush it will release slowly, so it could extend the fertilizer effective.


 3.This product have strong permeability, high and quickly effect.



1. Are you a factory or trading company?

We have our own laboratory and factory.


2. Where is your advantage?

More than 20 experimental bases for your visiting in 23 Provinces in China .We also have our patent for your reference.


3.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
Our factory is located in SHIJIAZHUANG City, Hebei Province, China, about one hours way from Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport . All our clients, from home or abroad, we're warmly welcome to visit us any time!


4.How can I get some samples?

We could offer the samples for fee, the freight will be negotiated.


5.How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
Quality is priority. ZHOUTIAN always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.  Our factory has gained ISO9001:2008. Pass the Onsite Check and Supplier assessment of Alibaba.


Welcom to visit our factory!

Hebei New century ZhouTian Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Address:No.46 YouYi south street,Shijiazhuang city,hebei,china

Phone:+86-0311-80918138    +86-18033752786


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