National patent Quickly high efficiency complex microbial inoculants plant growth promoter biological foliar fertilizer

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ZHOUTIAN Biological foliar fertilizer-PENGSHISHENLU (complex microbial inoculants),have adopt the Scientific achievements of National 863 plan biological high technology major project,which is in the advanced international level. It is a Super efficient biological fertilizer which is Integrating the increase the fertilizer effectiveness, disease resistance and promote the plant growth.


This product is produced according to the the pattern of fertilizer requirement such as Vegetable, melon and fruit, fruit trees, medicinal herbs, flowers, tea, sugar cane, eucalyptus, mulberry and All kinds of field crops etc,


After senior experts from the China agricultural university experiment for a long time, carefully screening refined but become

After long times experiment by the senior experts from the China agricultural university we make this product with our continous efforts.


This product have get the national patent in Octomber 2005. It have been listed as the key promotion project by the national patent information center, the National invention patent registration number is 200510069515.



Nitrogen fixation

Phosphate solubilizing


Decomposition of carbon

Disease resistant

Expelling parasite

Promote the plant growth

Early senescence prevention

Contains plenty of beneficial microorganism

Quickly and high efficiency

High yield

Inhibition of invasion of pathogenic microorganisms

Interfere the growth of diseases and insect pests

To overcome the continuous cropping obstacle


The living bacteria could control more than 30 kinds of diseases, virus and insect attack,expecially for the root-knot nematode, aphid, red spider, powdery mildew, greensickness, root rot etc.  




living bacteria count 200million /ml

Amino acid 10%

Humic acid 20%

Medium trace element 6%

PH value :5.5-8.0


Other ingredient: Bacillus popilliae, lactic acid bacteria, saccharomycetes etc.


Method of application:

1.    Spraying:After dilution as spraying fertilizer,2250ml-3750ml,3-5 times each batch,every other 10-15 days for once.

2.    Mixed with the seed:1-2ml this product add water 2000ml then mixed with 1 kg seeds,after 2-4 hours for Sowing Seeds.

3.    Dipping the root: add water 500-1000 times then mixed with the pond sludge, farmyard manure, Adhere to the roots For crop transplanting

4.    Water flushing:30-45 KG per HA

5.    Hole application: Digging a few holes around the fruit trees( It is advisable that the depth is meet fibrous root ),mixed this products with 100 times water for fertilization.

6.    Broadcast fertilizer:mixed this product with the chemical fertilizer or the sand,15-30 KG per HA


Apply to crops:

All kinds of vegetables, fruit trees, sugarcane, wheat, rice, cotton, corn, tea tree, eucalyptus, mulberry, tobacco, sorghum, millet, sweet potato, soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sugar beet, potatoes, melons, flowers, herbs, pond, etc


Yield-increasing effect:

Rice and wheat: Increased by10%-15%

Corn: Increased by 15% -20%

Beans : Increased by 20%-30%

Cucurbit vegetables: Increased by 20%~50%

Aquatic product:Increased by 10%-30%


Packing and delivery:


Packing: 100,250,500,1000,5000,10000,25000ml plastic bottle or plastic drum.

Or as clients request for the packing

Delivery: Within 8-25 days after the deposit


Shelf life: Two years


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