Peel Able Coating Lacquer for Water Slide Printing, Waterslide Silkscreen Printing Ink With Coated Sand Resin (60332768797)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Peel off coat
601 Tear can be used to protect the pattern and increase ink adhesion. It is not easy to shift or deform when the pattern is
601 Film ripping flexibility, peeling ability, excellent printing adaptability, will not harm the ink surface structure, good
tearing film.
It has strong plasticity, improves the retention period of water label paper, and the spraying effect after stripping is very


602 braking coat
808A bracking coat
Clear (default)/red

40-60℃ drying available 
Can make pink color film; 
for helmet, glass, etc.
Able peel off after 
baking; for glass, 
metal, ceramic etc
Could not spray. 
Able to make pink. 
For glass, ceramic.
Peel off after braking. 
Could not spray

 Oven : 60-200℃,15-30min
Oven : 60-200℃,15-30min
Subject to season temperature different, we offer summer used and winter used

a. Good flexibility and easy peeling;
b. Strong adaptability, no damage to ink surface structure;
c. No residual after tear film, suitable for spraying after tear film;
a. Low price and good flexibility;
b. Low corrosivity, not easy to react with ink;
C. Cut off tear process and faster process
With 14T to 3T by screen printing, 3-5cm bigger than the pattern or full paper printing


Working for metal

Working for Ceramic

Working for glass

Working for Plastic

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