Безопасная мощность 12 вольт YTX4L-BS mf батарея для мотоцикла по низкой цене

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Product Overview


Safe power 12 volt YTX4L-BS mf cell motorcycle battery for cheap price


Product Description





ItemMotorcycle battery
10HR capacity3AH
Acid Volume(L)0.192
Regular Charge Current(amp)0.4


Company Area100.000Square meters
CertificateISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SASO, SONCAP etc
DimensionCustom-made Special Dimension


over 400

 Product Features:

1.The battery consists of high-performance paste plate, Compound low resistance separators,
high-impact resistant polypropylene plastic tank.

2.Positive plates of lead-based alloy with multiple,high-density lead paste processing, manufacturing,

corrosion resistance, high-rate discharge capacity,good durability.

3.Negative plates with a special formulation and double paste process, excellent low temperature
discharge, charge acceptance ability, anti-sulfate and anti-off-performance

4.Tight assembly, through partition connectors,discharge stable, safe and reliable.

5.Adaptability to temperature, can be -40°C ~ 60°C  under normal use.


                   YTX4L-BS 12V4AH.jpg

 Motorcycle  Battery               

      YTX4L-BS 12V4AH.jpg




1.High Temperature Resistant


2.Greater vibration resistance


3.Low Self-discharge


4.More 30% Service Battery Life


5.Top Quality Warrant




1.Batteries generate explosive gasses during vehicle operation and when being charged. Flames, sparks,burning cigarettes or other ignition sources must be kept away at all times.

2.When charging batteries, work in a well ventilated area - never in a closed room. Always turn the battery charger or ignition off before disconnecting a battery.


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     Model       Demension(mm)Voltagecapacity/10HRWeight      Acid        Volume Regular  Charge  Current
            L*W*H    V        Ah    kg        L     amp
   YTX7L-BS         114*71*131   12         7    1.8    0.348     0.7
   YB4L-B         120*70*92   12         4   1.18    0.33     0.4
   YTZ10S          150*87*93     12        8.6  3.124    N/A       0.9
  12N24-3A         184*124*175   12        24   5.03    1.82     2.4



• Always handle batteries with care.

• Always store upright.

• Never over-fill with acid.

• Always charge in a well ventilated place.

• Always wear eye protection when handling batteries.

• Wear protective clothing if there is any rick of acid splashing.



• Do not use at the places near fire. Hydrogen gas generated from battery may cause fire and explosion.

• This 12v battery is only for starting engine. Do not apply for other uses.

• Keep out of the reach of children or the personnel who do not understand the manual. It may cause blindness or severe burn.

• When using the battery, wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.Sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.


• Replacement of battery shall be performed as per following order. If failed, it may cause fire and explosion. Remove cable from negative terminal first.Connect cable to negative terminal last.

• When connect cable to battery, make sure not to get changed post of +and -. It may cause the damage of electronic components or fire.

• When ueing the battery ,handle with care,sulfuric acid may cause blindness or severe burn.


• When moving battery, be careful not to drop the battery , which is heavy, Do not shake the battery with handle, if there is the handle, It may cause the injury.

• Do not shore the battery at the following places. High temperature and humidity. Being exposed to rain,snow, direct sunshine.


Company Information




1.Applications: Starting battery for gasoline engine tricycles and cars,

   motorboats, motorcycles, ATVs,  buses, trucks golf cart, Tractor,

   Mine vehicle and other vehicles and so on..

2. Delivery: Within 30 days after signing contract and receiving 30% deposit
3. Packaging: Cartons with pallet

4. Deliver from Shanghai, China
5. Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, ISO/TS 16949, CE, SONCAP etc
6. Custom-made Special Dimension (Even provide Brand & carton design)
7. Enhanced safety; Excellent starting performance at cold temperatures; Low self-discharge and water consumption 


Company  introduction  

     Zhejiang Just Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, and it is leading producer of lead-acid batteries in China. The company was originally located in Hangzhou City. Through over 30 years development history,now it is a global manufacturing company with approximately 102000m² production workshop and than $10 million fixed assets. Our production capability is 3,700.000 pieces per year and annual production value is $77 million.

     JUST mainly produces high performance auto batteries,electric motor batteries, forklift batteries,golf batteries emergency light plates,as well as UPS batteries. Our main battery brands are “Largestar”,“TNT”,and “Booster”.Our advanced equipment,quality raw material, precise process management methods and professional technical team generate our high quality products. In 1992,JUST was awarded with the approval of its products for maritime application,which was appraised by the adminstration of the People is Republic of China. Our batteries which are used to jump start vessels are meeting the highest standards as well and can be manufactured in large quantities. 
    JUST has also passed ISO/TS 16949:2009,ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004,GB/T 24001-2004,CE,RoHS,and the International Quality Control System Attestation. Moreover, JUST is the vice president of the Zhejiang Battery Industry Association and also the member of China Battery Industry Association.

Packaging & Shipping







Trade terms:FOB CIF EXW

payment terms:T/T,L/C

payment condition:30% deposit in advance,70% balance after delivery

delivery time:25- 30 days

packing:Cartons and Pallet

shipping:by sea, by air and by express delivery

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