Новый дизайн, роскошный водоразмягчитель purolite из смолы/водоразмягчитель с автоматическим регулирующим клапаном типа upflow (60350871058)

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Product Overview


Product Details

newly design purolite resin luxury water softener/water softner with upflow type automatic control valve

1.Using food grade resin for good calcium and magnesium removal.
2.Big inlet water contacting design for better water softening.
3.Easy installation and having a high flow rate.
or Automatic control for flushing and regenerating.

5.High pressure resistance; Innovative design; Refined structure

Products Characteristics

\tExtended service life of household appliances, such as water heater, boiler, shower, faucets and pipes.
•\tCleaner, softer clothes and towels.
•\tKeeping hair smooth and skin delicate.
•\tTo use less shampoo and soap while washing and shower.
•\tMore luxurious,foaming baths.

•\tKeeping clear fineness tableware and sanitary hardware clearer, taste and odor-free ice cubes.

Products Applications of Water Softener

1. Tableware, porcelain is bright and clean like new, no stain marks.
2. Toilet, sink, bathtub no longer yellow fur, produce peculiar smell.
3. Washing clothing and soft, clean, color and lustre like new.
4. Soft water washing the car, body surface without scale membrane, prolong the curing time.
5. The family of pipes installed in the interior not fouling, no traffic.
6. Heat supply, gas supply and so on all kinds of boiler water softening treatment
7. Water Softener is used in food and beverage industry.
8. Hotels, heating power station, boiler room, office, cold storage, shopping malls, air conditioning in areas such.
9. Electronic power industry, metallurgy industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry.

Product Parameters
KM-SOFT-A ( Cabinet Type Water Softener )
Newly design purolite resin luxury water softener/water softner with upflow type automatic control valve
LCD Electronic Softener Valve
Regeneration mode
Intelligent Meter Delay
Inlet & Outlet
1/2'', 3/4'', 1'' is avaliable
Resin Tank
Resin Volume
Riser Pipe
1.05'' OD
Water Capacity
Working Pressure
0.15-0.6 MPa
Working Temperature
5-50 degrees Celsius
Working Position
Service->Back wash->Brine and slow rinse->Fast rinse->Refill->Service
Packing Size
House, Villa, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, etc.
Company profile
Trade Shows
Packing & Delivery
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1Q: Why we use Water Softener?
A: Much of the water you use contains traces of calcium, iron and magnesium, water with these metals known as “hard water”, water softener can help you remove these traces.
2Q: How long the resin can be used in Water Softener?
A: Usually the resin can be use for 5years, it can be adjusted according to your water hardness.
3Q: How long the activated carbon can be used in Central Water Purification?
A: Usually you should change it each 1 year, it can be adjusted according to your water quality.
4Q: Why choose KEMAN electronic control valve?
1, PPO material, higher working pressure than others
2, Ceramic moving disk, small rotation torque
3, Abrasion resistance of sealing surface, outstanding and long-lived deal.
4, Valve can be operated with pressure directly.
5, Chinese, English, Spanish language can be set, other language can be customized

5Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are the manufacturer with R&D, production, sales and service supply
6Q:Can I get your products with our logo and design?
A: Most of products are OEM or ODM with your logo and brand not including the control valves( Keman brand valve)
7Q: How long for products my goods?
A: 7 Days for sample orders. 20-25 days for mass production orders (based on different quantities)
8Q: What’s your warranty?
A: Our warranty is 1 year. But normally, our machine can work 5 years before repair.

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