Folding infant Baby height Length Measuring infantometer ruler Mat

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Folding infant Baby height Length Measuring infantometer ruler Mat Folding Portable Infantometer is the mobile alternative to infantometer, making it ideal for hospitals, mobile clinics, nurseries and at home use. Portable Infantomer features a fold up mechanism and a compact lightweight design for easy transport.  Folding Portable Infantometer is simple to use and its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. infant meter is constructed from high quality materials that are made to last and has a measuring range from  10-100cm. The SFolding Portable Infantometer weighs only 1.67kg) and has a graduation of (2mm) making it a truly portable and accurate infantometer.

Fold-up mechanism and low weight make it easy to transport
Simple operation for quick mobile use
Easy to clean smooth surface
High-quality materials for long service life

Material:aluminum alloy
Measurement Range:100cm

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