Мембранная серая система переработки воды mbr

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MBR Membrane Description:


Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended growth bioreactor, and is now widely used for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Membrane bioreactors can be used to reduce the footprint of an activated sludge sewage treatment system by removing some of the liquid component of the mixed liquor. This leaves a concentrated waste product that is then treated using the activated sludge process.


Specification of mbr membrane grey water recycling system:


Model: NM-MBR-1010
Membrane MaterialsPVDF
Membrane Fiber ShapeHollow fibers
PermeateABS Resin
Seal MaterialPolyurethane Resin
Element dimensions571x815x45mm
Effective Membrane area10 m2
Pore size0.01-0.1um
Microporous average aperture0.1um
PH range2--12
Suited temperature    5-45℃
Work pressure0.02-0.04MPa
Flow Rate10-20L/m2.h
Dia I/O (mm )0.6mm/1.2mm
Filtration methodsOutside-in
SupportsUPVC Pipes


Pictures of mbr membrane grey water recycling system:

MBR Membrane MBR Membrane112 

MBR Membrane 20140523165117801 

MBR Membrane MBR Membrane4 

MBR Membrane 20150402 170428 

MBR Membrane MBR System3 


Application of mbr membrane grey water recycling system:

 1. Urban/Rural Sewage System

    2. In-building Wastewater Recycling System
    3. Industrial Wastewater Treatment (The food industry, stock farms and medical industry were the three largest contributors, accounting for around 65.4% totals) 


  Accord to different input wastewater quality we suggest the range at: 10---25 L/m2. H


Permeate Water Quality:

Suspended Matter >2um, 100% removal

Organics: removal 99.99%

Turbidity of output water: ≤ 0.2NTU

SDI of output clean water: ≤ 2.5


Service & Packaging:
Hinada is the professional MBR Membrane manufacturer, we can offer according to client requirement .
Hinada can offer the completely integrated MBR System according to client project.


MBR Membrane Bioreactor Waste Water Treatment Membrane Sheet


mbr membrane grey water recycling system

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