Гуминовая кислота, новый тип, минеральное органическое удобрение, регулирование роста растений, калий, хрусталь гумата

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Humic Acid New type mineral organic fertilizer Potassium Humate Crystal

Humic Acid New type mineral organic fertilizer Potassium Humate Crystal Humic Acid  potassium

 AppearanceBlack Crystal
 Product codeJFHA-KHA-1
Moisture15% max
Fulvic Acid2.0% min
Potassium( K2O dry basis)10% min
 Particle size1-2mm/2-4mm
 Humic Acid(dry basis)65% min

Potassium Humate crystal fertilizer Potassium Humate organic fertilizerHumic Acid  potassium

Potassium Humate crystal fertilizer

Shandong Jingfeng Humic Acid Technology Co., Ltd. is high-tech company committing to humic acid R & D,producing and sales, was founded in 2009, in early 2015 the restructuring, the registered capital of 18 million, total assets of 200 million yuan, has more than 50 employees, including professional R & D 5 people.

The company is committed to humic acid products development,producing and sales. We have achieved remarkable results on development and application of the agriculture humic acid series,feed farming humic acid series,pharmaceutical grade humic acid, and also in ceramic industry,batteries and more. We are currently registered international certification in some foreign institutions.

Main products

Currently we have Agricultural Product series humic acid base fertilizer NPK, humic fertilization, macronutrients humic fertilization, fulvic acid foliage and the like; lead-acid batteries expansive aspect of high purity humic acid; sodium humate feed grade, pharmaceutical grade humic acid and so on 30 kinds of products.

Overseas Bestsellers: original humic acid powder, humic acid granules, sodium humate, super sodium humate, potassium humate, super potassium humate, nitro humate, boron humate, magnesium humate, phosphate humate, potassium fulvate, fulvic acid chelated trace elements have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and Southeast Asia more than two dozen countries, was widely praised.

Potassium Humate organic fertilizer


 Humic Acid  potassium


 Potassium Humate crystal fertilizer

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