Медицинская научная тема и преподавание, используемые биологические ткани, готовые микроскопы, слайды/Ограненный корпуш

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Different kinds of slides include normal tissue;human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi,mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.

We are a professional manufacturer and distributor of science and educational supplies for primary schools, middle schools, colleges, hospitals or medical institutes. The slide was cut subtly without any mark, break or constrict. There is no destruction of tissues or cells.The spread of tissues has clear bounds; they remain the original shape. Also the coloration for the tissues is obvious and clear.

All the time, we insist on Quality first, Service upmost and working on new products with new materials and new designs to remain our company at the forefront in the field of science and education. Good quality products, reliable and favorable price, sincere and warm service have earned us a very good reputation among our customers. Besides, we firmly believe that long-term cooperation is based on mutual understanding and trust. We welcome both old and new customers' cooperaion for mutual benefit in the near future.

100 pieces microscope slice catalog
1.Root tip of plant L.S.
51.Motor end plate W.M.
2.Young root of plantT.S.
52.Spinal cord T.S.
3.Apical bud L.S.
53.Nerves trunk L.S.
4.Stem of Cucurbita moschata L.S.
54.Corpus ventriculi Sec.
5.Stem of monocotyledon T.S.
55.Kidney of L.S.
6.Stem of dicotyledon T.S
56.Artery and vein Sec.
7.Stem of xylophyta dicotyledon T.S.
57.Intestine of T.S.
8.Lower epiderm of leaf of horsebean W.M.
58.Ciliated epithelium of gill T.S.
9.Penicillium W.M.
59.Lymph node Sec.
10.Leaf of Ligustrum lucidum T.S.
60.Lung Sec.
11.Chlamydomonas W.M.
61.Pancreas T.S.
12.Three types of Bacteria
62.Testis T.S.
13.Microzyme W.M.
63.Ovary of Sec.
14.Planaria T.S.
64.Sperm of smear
15.Earthworm T.S.
65.Agaricus Sec.
16.Root tip of Allium cepa L.S.
66.Volvox W.M.
17.Mitosis of animal Sec.
67.Aspergillus W.M.
18.Nostoc commune W.M.
68.Seed of Zea mays L.S.
19.Eggs of Taenia solium W.M.
69.Leaf of Hydrilla verticillata L.S.
21.Fly wing
71.Epidermal cells of Animal W.M.
22.Leaf of Pinus T.S.
72.Bone cell Sec.
23.Plasmodesmus Sec.
73.Fly leg
24.Conjugation of Spirogyra W.M.
74.Hydra L.S.
25.Simple-cell of egg of Frog Sec.
75.Hydra T.S.
26.Spore of Equisetum arvense W.M.
76.Ascaris C.S.
27.Nostoc W.M.
77.Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee W.M.
28.Lichen Sec.
78.Mouthpart of Honeybee W.M.
29.Polliondium of Funaria L.S.
79.Mouthpart of Housefly W.M.
30.Honeybee wing
80.Large intestinal T.S.
31.Earthworm C.S.
81.Mouthpart of Mosquito W.M.
32.Funaria leaf
32.Funaria leaf
82.Escherichia coli smear
33.Frond of Marchantia Sec.
83.Rotifera W.M.
34.Cyphella of Marchantia Sec.
84.Letter e W.M.
35.Pollen germination W.M.
85.Epiderm of Allium W.M.
36.Ovary of Lilium T.S.
86.Spirogyra W.M.
37.Matuer anther of Lilium T.S.
87.Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of HumanW.M.
38.Flower of Capsella bursa-pastoris W.M.
88.Zygote of Ascarid lumbricoide W.M.
39.Pollen of Brassica campestris var.oleifera W.M.
89.Rhizopus W.M.
40.Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
90.Chromosome of human W.M.
41.Simple squamous epithelium Sec.
91.Meiosis of Grasshopper Sec.
42.Stratified squamous epithelium Sec.
43.Skin of Human(show hair follicle) Sec.
93.Berry Hair W.M.
44.Skin of Human(show sweat gland) Sec.
94.Bird feather
45.Dense connective tissue(Tendon L.S.)Sec.
95.Ant W.M.
46.Loose connective tissue W.M.
96.Fruitfly W.M.
47.Blood of Human smear
97.Fruit of Ficus carica T.S.
48.Skeletal muscle L.S. & T.S.
49.Smooth muscle islolated W.M.
99.Fish gill C.S.
50.Cardiac muscle Sec.
100.Rat tail C.S.
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Paper Box

50 pieces / paper box

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10/25/50/100 pieces in a plastic box

Wooden Box

100/200 pieces in a wooden box

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60 (L) x 50 (W)x40 (D) cm

The normal package is Neutral carton . If export to european countries , the Neutral carton will be designed . It depends your order .
your expect the port and way
within 7 working days

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1- How many types do you have ?
Dear Sir/Madam, we have thousands types in normal tissue;human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi,mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.

2- Why do you quote so late /Why do you need so long time when quotation ?
Because the prepared microscope slides have different names in different areas . We need more time to check the types of your need with our catalog ,in order to send the correct types to you .

3-Can I print the label on the slides or on the package box ?
Yes , we can add your 1 color Logo on the slides or on the package box . The label size : 22x22mm .

4- Why is the MOQ 50 pieces/types ?
Dear ,the MOQ is 30 ,50,100 which is according to your need . But 50 pieces/types is much higher cost performance ,You must take care of the freight for your order .


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