D3V002 Copper Alloy Brazing Filler Metal Paste brass solder paste, 99.9% copper paste

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Product Overview


   Copper Alloy Brazing Filler Metal Paste brass solder paste


Product Description


Brazing alloy paste is a brazing material consists of brazing alloy powder with binders mixed carrier. The alloy powder has a complete spherical shape, uniform particle size and low oxygen content. The mixture of well formulated Binder and the powder is a uniform and stable paste without lodgment and caking. It can provide high efficiency, low waste, and automotive application for the brazing process. In addition, brazing alloy paste can be customized with the particle size, viscosity, strength, and drying life.


There are four  main kinds of brazing alloy paste according to different utilities, namely, silver brazing alloy paste,copper brazing alloy paste,aluminum  brazing alloy paste  and  nickel  brazing alloy paste. To select the most appropriate brazing paste, many factors have to be taken into account, such as: materials to be joined, heating method, type of atmosphere, etc. We can also customize product for our customer. 


Copper alloy brazing paste is used for brazing copper alloy, stainless steel and steel alloy. 

Product list&photo





Cu 99.9%

1100 C

Furnace heating for steel, stainless steel. 




Flame, inductive, continuous furnace heating for steel, copper diamond, carbide. 




Flame, inductive, vacuum, continuous furnace heating for steel, copper.




Special occasions









Buying Guides

         Yantai Tibright Welding Materials Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of all kinds brazing materials, equipments, and utensils. The company has started since 2000. We are the most professional researcher and developer of brazing materials in China. We have accumulated dozens of different product technology and subsequenly abundant product pool. We are also glad to customize product for specific costomers. 

         When choose from our product pool, please check out our recommended product list and if you have any questions, please let us know and we will try our best to satisfy your inquiry. Some time we need our customers to try different sample to make the perfect decision. Generally, we need to know the following information to choose a right product for you. 

        1. Materials of your to-be-brazed parts. 

        2. Heat method. (eg. flame, induction, vacuum furnace etc. )

        3. Dimensions of your parts, photoes or graphes are preferred. (Different dimensions requires different procesure.)

        4. If available, what kind of brazing materials are currently being used. 

        5. What industry you are in. (help us refer to similar samples.)

Company Information

         Yantai Tibright Welding Materials Co. Ltd. (Chinese name, Guguang) was started from laboratory in 1996 and founded in 2000. The company is the first one who specialized on brazing materials in China, which means we did not have much foundations, and the pioneers of the company started product formulars from very basic researches. Ever since then, Tibright have had all product developed by ourselves.

          As we focus on brazing materials, our main product is brazing fluxes, brazing alloys, self flux brazing alloys, brazing alloy paste, and brazing materials. We make brazing alloys with main compositions of silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, chromium, zinc, tin, mangenese. We make fluxes and binder agents for these alloys. 

         Since 2010, our research has been specially on the brazing alloy powder and paste as long as the self flux alloys, such as flux coated wire and rings, flux cored wire and rings and flux added alloy paste. 

         I the year 2015,  TiBright's was asked to be the first draftsman of the industry standard of China "JB 6045-2015 The FLux For Brazing" and attended the drafting work of many standards as expertise. So far we have authoized 15 patent. 

        Our main current customers are in dozens of different fields, such as radiator, compressor, electic utility, glasses, auto parts, tools, nuclear station, and so on. Our big customers include Haier, Gree, Media, Siemens, Sanhua, and so on.


Our Services

          One headlight of our service is that we provide costomized product specially designed for specific costomer. We have a lot of successful cases in which the customer had the product suitable for their own procedure, environment and operation habits perfectly.
          We also provide entire brazing solution for customers to solve all the problems related to brazing process. For those brazing parts, materials and dimensions which are hard to braze we can come up with a solution after enough research for our customers.

          About sixty percent of our equipments are designed and crafted in our own machine workshop. We also produce the service of special designed brazing tools and machines. We have the ability to reserch product together with our customers. 


Packaging & Shipping


Normal packaging for rod is 1kg/bag, 20 bags/box,

for wire is 5 kg/rolls (D=1.5~2.0mm),

for ring is 1 kg/bag, 20kg/box, 1 kg/rolls (D<1.0mm),

for filler metal paste is 1kg/box or 10kg/can.




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