Powder Bacillus Subtilis for agriculture,bio fungicide,bacteria wilt,

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Product Description


Bacillus Subtilis


Bacillus Subtilis is a very famous beneficial microorganism which be widely used in agriculture and live animal business .


For animal

  1. 1.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective improve animal intestinal tract and increase feed utilizations.
  2. 2.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective increase animal immunity and prevent and cure harmful bacterial disease .
  3. 3.       The Bacillus Subtilis as water treatment bacteria  could effective degradation the organic waste in the water and increase aquatic animal live environment .

For Agriculture Business

1.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective ferment the agriculture waste into humic ingrediet ,improve the soil structure ,releasing the unvalued potassium and phosphorus from the soil, fixed the nitrogen ingredient .

2.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective promote the plant growth, promote the plant rooting and germination ,increasing the plant uptake the nutrient ingredient from the soil .

3.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective increase plant immunity ability and prevent/cure harmful bacteria/fungicide disease ,increase plant anticold,anti-drought ability ,promote the plant more vigor than before.

4.       The Bacillus Subtilis could effective reduce the plant uptake the heavy metal, harmful chemical ingredient rate ,degradation the Nitrate ,increase plant crops quality and stock time.


Bio-inoculant, Bio fertilizer ,Soil conditioner, Starw fermentant agent, bio pesticide


Effective microorganism count(cfu) ≥0.2billion /g/ml


  1. 1.       Away from child .
  2. 2.       Not used the agent with bactericide together .
  3. 3.       Should be stored under sealed ,transport and store in cool and normal temperature (5-35℃),Avoid  sun light .


Package :

1000g bag or based on customer requirement .


Shelf Time: Two Years .


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