Fabric Cationic softener Flakes ( Cold water type)

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Product Overview


LA-CV is a new type cationic flakes, mainly used for cotton, rayon, chemical fibre  and it's blended fabrics. It has a fine and soft, fluffy hand feel. It's high price- performance ratio, can be melting at cold water or room temperature water. It is the ideal upgrade product of flakes softener in printing and dyeing auxiliary.


Typical Data


White to pale yellow flake


Weak cation


Soluble in water easily


Can be used with cationic or non-ionic substances




1.After using this product the fabric will achieve a soft, fluffy and smooth hand feeling; the smoothness is like processed by silicone oil.

2.Little yellowing, the fastness to soaping is good.

3.Low foam, easy to used, not affected by the high temperature.

4.Green, biodegradable,bactericidal and anti-static.

5.Can be melting at cold water or room temperature water, save energy.



Dissolution method (Generally, the dilution ratio is 1:10-15)

1.Melting with cold water: at first soaking the LA-CV in cold water for 2-3 hours, then slowly stirring for 20-30 minutes,the emulsion is made and ready to use.

2.Melting with warm water: Heat the water to about 50, then add in LA-CV slowly, stirring at the same time. When all the LA-CV was added, keep stirring for 10min until it completely dissolved.To prevent skinning pls stir for 3min after cooling. After the emulsion is made,please filter so that it can ready to use.


Use of diluted emulsion


1. For dipping

 LA-CV( 10% emulsion)      8-20 g/L( the dosage can be adjust depending on the fabric and requirements of hand feel)


pH value                               5-6

Temperature                            20~30℃

Use 1 dip and 1 pad or 2 dips and 2 pads       drying


2. For padding


LA-CV( 10% emulsion)          2~5%(o.w.f)( the dosage can be adjust depending on the fabric and requirements of hand feel)

pH value                    5-6

Temperature                 20~50℃

Time                       20~30min


3. Complex using


Also can be mix used with cationic,nonionic softener or smoothness agent, to improve the hand feeling and reduce cost.


Packing & Storage

125 Kg in one plastic drum; can be stored for 12 months sealed in cool, airy and dry place.



All technical information quoted above is based on our experience, but it is only for reference of using this product and not given with guarantee and obligation. As the different application conditions of every factory, the user should make a trial before use. Then confirm the best technics suitable for you.







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