European Style Heat Pipe Solar Collector/Solar Panel/Solar Water Heater(Manufacturer)

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European Style  Heat Pipe Solar Collector/Solar Panel/Solar Water Heater(Manufacturer)









solar collector: 
1.High efficient heat pipe for split system                                                                                                 

2.Solar keymark,SRCC,CE,ISO9001,CCC,SGS certified
3.High quality and pure copper

Heat Pipe Solar Collector Work Principle:

1.Solar absorption: solar radiation is absorbed by the evacuated tube and
converted into heat
2.Solar heat transfer: Heat pipes conduct the heat from vacuum tube inside to header
tank of solar collector.                                                                                                                                                       
3.Solar energy storage: water or other liquid is circulated through the header tank,
via intermittent pump cycling.                                                                                                                                                 
4.Circulation between solar collector and storage tank: each time the water or other liquid
circulates through the header tank, the temperature is raised by 5-10°C, the water in the
storage tank is heated gradually by this way.
Solar water heater collector discription:


        Inner manifold material


                             Red copper  material


       Outer shell material of manifold


                             Aluminium alloy


       Frame/Bracket material


                             Aluminium alloy
       Heat pipe material

                             99.93% pure copper /

                             lead free ,45%silver brazing


       Rubber Seals and rubber Rings


                             HTV grade silicone rubber


       Optional installation angle


                             0°,30° ,38° ,45°


       Maximum Operating Pressure




       Vacuum tube



                          with heat pipe


       Daily efficiency


                            =55%(=42% in winter)


       Hailstone resistance


                            Dia =25mm


       Optional flow rate  


                             0.1L/min/tube 0.026G/min/tube


       Heat pipe anti-freezing


                            =-40 Celsius degree


       Life span


                           More than 15 years


       Working pressure








                           Rock wool /Polyurethane



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