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Product Overview


Product Description


The Shutter actuator is the modular installation devices. They can be installed in the distribution boards on 35mm DIN rail according to EN 60 715. The devices adopt screw terminal to achieve electrical connection. The connection to the EIB/KNX bus is established via a bus connecting terminal. The input need connect 230V AC operating voltage for the Shutter actuator.

It is possible that working mode of the Shutter actuator is switched between manual operation and automatic operation by pressing the Man. /Auto. Button about 2s, and the Max. /Auto LED will display the current operating status.

Push buttons are located at the front of the device which are used to raise and lower the Shutter/Blind manually,to stop the Shutter/Blind movement and for Louvre adjustment. The current direction of movement or the current limit position is displayed via LEDs.

The output contacts for the directions UP and DOWN are mechanically interlocked so that voltage cannot be applied at both contacts at the same time. The pause on change in direction can be set via the parameters

On bus voltage recovery, the action can be set via parameter for the Shutter actuator.

The Shutter actuator for 230V AC drives. The following functions can be set via the application program:

ØMovement UP/DOWN

ØStop/Louvre adjustment

ØMove into preset position (up to 2 preset positions)

ØSet preset position (modification of the preset position during operation)

ØMove to position 0…100%

ØAdjustment louvre to position 0…100% (only Blind working mode)


ØAutomatic sun protection

ØMonitoring of wind, rain and frost protect (cyclical)


ØForced operation

ØStatus display of the current position, status display of the current operating mode

ØLED display

ØTwo operation mode, Venetian Blind and Shutter

1.      Technical data

Power supply

Operating voltage

21~30V DC, via the EIB bus, for automatic operation or manual operation


Current input



Power consumption via EIB



Number of outputs

4 independent outputs, each with 1 changeover contact (UP/DOWN mechanically interlocked)


Nominal voltage

230V AC


Max. switching current


Operating and display

Red LED and push button

For assignment of the physical address

Green LED flashing

Indicate the device running normally(OK)


UP/DOWN buttons

2 push buttons per output for UP and DOWN (by long operating) or STOP/Louvre adjustment(by short operating)


Display of movement direction and position

2 LEDs per output for UP and DOWN (Movement/Adjustment) or the very top/bottom


Man./Auto push button

For switchover between manual operation and automatic operation.


Man./Auto LED

For displaying the operating mode, manual operation or automatic operation


Load circuits

4 screw terminals for phase connection, 2 screw terminals per output for UP and DOWN


230V AC drive voltage

2 screw terminals for L, 2 screw terminals for N



Bus connecting terminal (black/red)


Wire range

Finely-stranded: 0.2 – 2.5mm2

Single – core: 0.2 – 4.0mm2

Type of protection

IP 20, EN 60 529

Temperature range








Modular installation device, proM

Housing, Colour

Plastic, White



On 35mm mounting rail,

DIN EN 60 715








EIB/KNX certified

CE norm

In accordance with the EMC guideline and the low voltage guideline


shutter 1111111Shutter-Actuator

Company Information

    In 2008, GVS started developing the KNX/EIB lighting control products from scratch in the wake of becoming KNX member strategically, which offered a new era for the company to step into the intelligent building control system industry. As a result, GVS rapidly delivered a vast range of products basing on KNX/EIB technology, whose expertise covers area of building control including lighting dimmer, lighting switching, shutter controlling, multi-protocol gateway, intelligent sensing, user interface etc.




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