Manufacturer supply board paper laminating machine

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•Uses: This machine is suitable for grinding the upper back of the sandpaper after an oily or aqueous gel with cloth or plastic release paper composite. Also apply to other such as sponges, cloth, leather glue compound. Suitable for deep processing of grinding sandpaper, and many other industries.
Features: glue as binder coating, and after pre-bake oven, the material is laminated by bonding uniform, reliable and available for the fastness.

1, width: 1650mm
2, power supply: 380V, 50Hz
3, capacity: about 30KW
4, the plastic mode (Fleece): gluing

(Gum): Squeegee transfer
5, the length of the oven (complex): 8000mm
6, Heating: Electric heating
7, power: 2.2KW + 1.5KW
8, laminating speed: 1-20m / min
9, Weight: about 4500kg
10 Dimensions: approximately (13000 ~ 16000) × 2300 × 1900mm (L × W × H)


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