Crossflow Microfiltration Filter With Ceramic Membrane Filter Element For Fruit Juice Clarification

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Product Overview


Crossflow Microfiltration Filter With Ceramic Membrane Filter Element For Fruit Juice Clarification


1:System Components:

Membrane module(membrane,ss housing),feed tank,centrifugal pump,flow/pressure /temperature meter,electric control panel,valves and pipes;


 Type of module(number of membranes/housing) : 1,3,7,12,19,37,61,91,138,241 

 Length of membrane:                   250-1200mm

 Outer diameter of membrane:            12/25/30/40/52/60mm


 Material of body: SS304,SS316L,Titanium,FRPP,MSRL;

 Material of seals: EPDM;Fluoro Rubber;Silicon;


2: Filtration mode: cross flow filtration;


3:Properties of ceramic membrane:

Support material:


Pore sizes:

UF: 2,5,10,15,20,30,50nm

MF: 100,200,500,800,1200nm

Membrane material:



Length of membrane:

250-1200mm(special length upon customer's request)

Outer diamater:




Working pressure:

Normal: 0.1-0.4MPa  Max.: ≤1.0MPa

Burst pressure:




Working temperature:




PH range:




4:Specification of membranes:   

 ZBDQ specification

membrane production 1DQ A2 

5: Ceramic Membrane Compared with traditional filtration system

Compared with such tradition filter like frame filter,press filter, centrifugal filter, DE Filter

and polymeric membrane filter, ceramic membrane has many unique advantages.

1).Excellent resistance to acid, alkaline and oxidation chemicals.

2).Good solvent stability, high thermal stability.

3).Fine separability with narrow pore size distribution.

4).Extremely long working life compared with polymeric membrane.

5).Easy to be cleaned and sanitized with back flushing.

6).High mechanical strength,good abrasive resistance.



Filtration,clarification,purification and concentration.  

(especially for filtration of food and beverage industries,chemical and petrochemical industries,biochemical and pharmaceutical industries.)

application projects 1DQ A17


7:Typical Applications:

1) Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries:

Clarification and purification of the fermentation products as well as purification or

separation of product slurries;

2) Environmental applications:

    water and waster water treatment,oily water separation;

3) Food and beverage Industry:

Milk microfiltration,yogurt concentration,vegetable oil clarification,protein

concentration,and separation of soya bean protein;

wine clarification,beer clarification,fruit juice clarification;

4) Highly useful for various filtration applications in the Petro-Chemical Industry;

5) Other fields: Reclamation of nano powders, filtration of acid/alkali containing liquids.

 ZIBO DONGQIANG 1application 1


Zibo Dongqiang Ceramic Filter Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of inorganic ceramic membrane and polymeric membrane equipment,and solution provider for membrane filtration,separation,concentration and extraction technology.

We have a R&D center,6 ceramic membrane production line,2 polymeric membrane production line,1 housing fabricating workshop,1 equipment building factory.

With the above production capacity and expertized staff,our business ranges from MF,UF,NF,RO membrane and euqipment manufacturing to the complete process development,engineering design,system integration,Assembly and commissioning.


We supply our customers with:

1:Membrane module:

Ceramic membrane,polymeric membrane and housing.

2:Membrane equipment:

Lab scale pilot,Middle scale pilot,and industrial scale equipment.

3:Membrane technology solution:

Water treatment,Environmental protection,Food and beverage,Biochemical,

Pharmaceutical,Oil field industries.

4:Membrane technology and service.



*For more detailed information,feel free to contact us.


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