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   Multi-hydrogen Acid MH5


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Multi-hydrogen acid (hydracid) is a kind of multi-grade acid system to meet the requirement of deep acidizing operation. It is a kind of retarder, which has the function of multi-grade ionization. There are several H+ (The maximum is five H+)on the body of the molecular of multi-hydrogen acid, and the activities of those H+ are different according to their situation, but the H+ on each grade is similar. When it was used, with the effect of the condition of formation, the more active grade of H+ among multi-hydrogen acid will firstly produce ionization reaction to provide acid function, then the second ionization will happen, and react in sequence. That can ensure the gentle release of H+ and the balanced concentration of hydrogen ion, and also can decrease the damage of the wells’ nearby. It is supposed to make strong the acid performance of plug removal in the depth. And at the same time, the multi-hydrogen acid has the functions of complexation, anti-emulsification, and anti-acid sludge.




  • MH5 can be used with solid multi-hydrogen acid MF. It is applied to clay shale, carbonate rock, and sandstone. It is a kind of good retarded clay acid applying with MF acid, especially suitable for the place nearby wellbore, which is destroyed and whose depth is not get effective treatment.

  • General recommend dosage is 2%~10%, or according to test result.


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Colorless to light yellow liquid

Density (20,g/cm3)




Calcium chelating value(mg/g)





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