Waste Engine Oil Distillation Machine to Base Oil SN150 500 /Used Motor Oil Distillation Machine with CE&ISO (60434253829)

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Product Overview


  Waste Engine Oil Distillation Machine to Base Oil SN150-500  / Used Motor Oil Distillation Machine with CE&ISO 

Product Description

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Waste Motor Oil Distillation Converting Plant to Base Oil BOD



It is suitable to regenerate used engine oil (gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil), waste dirty hydraulic oil  and other seriously polluted  lubrication oil. 


Mechanical and chemical way is combined to remove colloid, oxides, acid, pitch, particles, impurities, water and gas in the used oil. 

What’s more, it can restore the color of used oil and remove the scent / smell effectively.


For customers'choice, we have semi-automatic and full-automatic type to meet your requirements and financial budget.



Equipment Features


1. Easy to operate, 1 ~ 2 workers can easily operate the machine.


2. Environmentally friendly in the whole operation, no smoke, no odor, without secondary pollution, the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment.



  3. Series BOD System can recycle & distill various dirty black oils including waste engine oil, lube oil, gasoline oil, diesel oil, rubber oil, plastic oil, and other lubricant oil, and convert them to base oil.


4. High quality and quantity of refined oil obtained through output, no any discoloration caused by oxidation, no any bad smelling/ odor.


5. Low operation cost only contains followings:

 1). catalyst chemical, cost less than USD 300 to refine 10 tons of waste oil.

 2). Heat energy consumption: 10 tons of oil is heated from 20 degrees to 250 degrees, requiring 1173,000 calories.

 3). Power consumption: 10 tons of oil heated from 20 degrees to 250 degrees, requiring 1365 degrees of power consumption



6. With high degree of automation in the whole operation, advanced designing and fabrication technology.



7. Adopt the water circulation method on atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, very safe. And after decompression on the whole system, refined oil’s production quantity and quality are increased obviously.



8. The whole process is performed without acid and clay which are forbidden in many countries already.



9.High effective heating system: many heating sources can be used such as electric, natural gas, furnace oil, coal, etc…


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Why BOD oil refinery distillation machine is needed?


1. Low cost: only cost about USD30 of Pretreatment reagent when treat 1 ton used oil. The Pretreatment reagent is basic chemical material,

can buy in every country, without any restrictions.


2. Easy operation:  1~2 people can easily operate the machine


3. environmental protection: the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment, the colloid and asphalting, carbon black in the waste lube oil are all into sludge, can be used as asphalt or fuel.


4. Widely usage: can treat gasoline engine oil, diesel oil, rubber oil and other waste lube oil of the engine, also a variety of cleaning oil.


5. High recovery rate: Base oil:85%~88% gasoline3%.diesel:3-4% sludge:6%~8%.


6. Do not need acid and clay, get high quality base oil : No unsaturated composition, can storage in a long-term without change its color, also


no any bad smell.


7. This is the most advanced technology in the world and suitable for large-scale industrial production.


Working Principle



1, the catalyst is proportional to water 1:1, the chemical is easily soluble in water, so the catalyst can be in the catalyst tank only a few minutes.


2. The oil pump is driven into waste oil and the catalyst is vacuum extracted. Start the blender. This process takes about 3 hours.


3. The treated waste oil is pumped into the distillation kettle with an oil pump.


4. Turn on the heater at 0-150 degrees. The heating rate should be slow enough, do not heat too fast, otherwise the black oil will evaporate with the water vapor.


5. When the temperature reaches 150 degrees, the heating speed can be appropriately increased. After 180 degrees, the base oil is discharged. This process takes about 3 hours.


6. After the temperature reaches 340 degrees, keep this temperature until the waste oil is processed. About 2 hours



Machine Details:




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 Machine Application:


Company Information


Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China, which engages in developing, producing, selling a series of oil purifier such astransformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, engine oil purifier, lube oil purifier and so on. We practice in this line for fifteen years, so we have a strong technology and gain rich experience. Our products have been exported to many countries, and get a high reputation.


Since the foundation of our company, under the duty of devoting our efforts to develop the advanced purifier for saving energy sources, adopting the advanced management like SUBI, and with the reliance on the strong technical force, advanced equipment of production, perfect quality check method, fast and outstanding after-sales service, our company has developed into a national big base specialized in producing oil purifier. Our products are outstanding because of its excellence in quality, stability in service, and diversity of products.







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