Европейская тормозная колодка для грузовика 29059 (60437036417)

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Product Overview


 European truck  brake pad 29059


  Front Axle
Brake System : Knorr
Width : 247.6 mm
Height : 107.6 mm
Thickness : 30 mm

Product Description




1.100% Asbestos-Free Formulation.

2.Deliver High Stopping Power, Reliability And Safety.

3.Optimize The Performance Of Vehicle's Braking System.

4.Offer Extended Life And Minimum Disc wear,Noise-Free ,Least Dusty.

5.High Quality Carbon Steel And/Or Cast Iron Backing Plates For Excellent  Bonding With The Friction Material.

6.Stylish Packaging For Excellent Emphasis Of The Sales Value .   


Brake Pad Accessories(Repair Kits)

Supply a more complete range of repair kits with different  surface  treatment,all kits come complete with correct number of brake pads

1_.jpg29087  FULL SET ACCESSORIES _.jpgblack accessories   WVA29171_.jpg`


The Selection And Usage Of Backing Plates



A.Back plate with hole,is the most common way at present,it has the high level of bonding,stable performance, low price,short production cycle,but it also has the disadvantages that appearance is not beautiful, round hole trace obvious,it's not good to introduce and sale to the customers who are picky for product appearance.

B.Back plate with half hole,this technology improved on the basis of combining with the technology of back plate with hole,it not only can ensure the bonding level,but also make sure the beautiful appearance,stable performance, but the price little higher and Extend the production cycle

C.Back plate with Steel mesh,it developed by the reason that half hole back plate may reduce the bonding level, it is also widely used .

D.Back plate with steel wiredrawing is the newest technology that reference the technology of NUCAP company from Spian in the present market,and it Mainly aim at high end brand customers, it has beautiful apperance and higher stability,but the price is expensive than others


The Selection And Usage Of Friction Surface




A.Without glue,this is the main way in the after market at present.because of intense price competition,for the customers who have no too high requirement to the products performance,its cost is lower.

B.Domestic glue,this way improve the products appearance,easy to sale an introduce, the cost increase slightly,in the early use stage can reduce noise and shorten the breaking-in period,but its valid period and performance is limited.

C.Glue import from German,it will greatly enhance the appearance and performance,therefore the cost is higher and it Mainly aim at high-end brand customers.


Company Information


Our factory was established in 1972 , and almost all trucks , bus , trailers&trains brake pads can be  supplied .


PDJKC Production Workshop



High-Performance Test Machines For Brake Pads



Backing plate production



Production steps



Packaging & Shipping


Stylish Packaging For PDJKC Brake Pads


Color paper box , white paper box and unique wooden box




Safely And Timely Shipments For CV  Brake Pads

We worked with our shipping agency more than ten years, each year we export about 300 containers through them, we treat every client equally, that is to make each order shipped safety and timely.





Our Services


1. Samples can be supplied .


2. Trail order can be made .


3. With perfect after-sales tracking system .


4. Products can be made based on your samples .


Q: If mould have been developed ,but samples can't make you satisfied , how to solve it ?

A: Mould will be make some changes free of charge , if dimension still not suitable , please provide drawings or samples .



Q: How to guaranteed quality ?

A:  5 sets(20pcs) backing plate samples can be supported free of charge . Moreover , we have professional brake pads team , and brake pads have been throughed professional test and got E11 certificate . Moreover , welcome to pay a visit to our factory .



Q: How about your backing plate team ?

A: 3 professional backing plate technicians , who are working more than 10 years in this field .  1 of them  responsible for new product development , the other take charge of products test and quality.



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