2018 Yellow black beekeeping hive foundation honey plastic bee frame for bees

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2018 Yellow black beekeeping hive foundation honey plastic bee frame for bees

Plastic beeswax foundation is various kinds bees nest foundation and it is the foundation for building the hive bee. Honey comb produced by plastic foundation is neat, solid and good for the feeding and management of bee colony

We only choose food grade plastic for better quality bee products

plastic foundation sheet frame
food grade plastic
black green yellow white
60g - 120 g  / pcs 
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2018 Yellow black beekeeping hive foundation honey plastic bee frame for bees

In order to enable the merit of foundation obtain the full display, must have the strict request to the foundation in quality:
The plastic must be food grade
The foundation is regular hexagon and the size must be accurate,
foundation is according to the specification size, the geometry angle must be neat
The foundation production process, specially in each working procedure's temperature control
must the standard, generate the foundation luster is bright, the room bottom is transparent foundation toughness is big, is not easy to extend the distortion
Foundation of long store must be fully new 

Cell size
foundation size
weight ( per pcs )
4.9mm / 4.85mm
5.4mm / 5.35mm / 5.31mm
4.9mm / 4.85mm
350*220mm / 380*220mm / 415*250mm
70g / 75g / 85g
5.4mm / 5.35mm / 5.31mm
425*140mm / 425*210mm
90g / 120g
4.61mm / 4.85mm / 4.9mm
425*140mm / 425*210mm
90g / 120g
cell size
foundation size
4.61mm / 4.81mm / 4.9mm
392*160mm / 480*160mm / 480*230mm / 485*235mm
5.1mm / 5.35mm / 5.4mm
392*160mm / 480*160mm / 480*230mm / 485*235mm
Our Company

We have our own factory , so our quality and after-sales services can be guaranteed

We are an agriculture-industrialized leading enterprise in Henan , China

We have been studied production high quality beekeeping plastic bee frame and foundation for a long time

professional :As one of the very first companies in China that run beekeeping hive foreign trade, MSF has always been committed to creating value for customers

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Our products have long gained various certificates both in the country and overseas, please be rest assured of our excellent quality

Packing & Delivery

MSF has very strong capability to produce high-quality bee products, and our long-term and reliable partnership with lots of logistic companies allows us to send goods to you fast at very favorable prices. If you have your own freight forwarding company, we are also willing to deliver the goods to them in promptly

within 7 days after payment (less than 5000pcs )
20 To 50 pcs / 3 layers thick paper carton carton with plastic paper and nylon bag for protection
Our Service

All of our bee products have been tested in the central laboratory and shipped in accordance with customer requirements
Offering one-to-one guidance for customer
Specialists offer professional services seven days within a week, except during national holidays.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service

Our team
Product specialist: Meng Guo; Ray Li
Professional customer service: Christine Liu; Yolanda Wang
Assistant: Garrett Liu

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