Capture arms fumes, flexible collection fume hood arm, welding smoke extraction arm

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Product Overview


Capture arms fumes, flexible collection fume hood arm, welding smoke extraction arm


Essential feature:

Model NameSupport StructureMaterialHood StypeLengthDiameterResistance temperatureColorApplication
JYBFlexible Extraction Arms  built-in stainless steel supportFire-proof material, anti-rust metal structurehat stype     or           hose-hoof stype2m/3m/4mfrom150 to 300mm140-320degreeblue or graywall mounted, connected to Central Fume Extraction System 



In fact, all directions, dia and lengths according to customer's requests.


General Specifications :


Connection: fixed bracket connection (sealed by the elastic rubber ring )
Cover mouth forms: conical suction mouth (A), Horseshoe suction mouth (L), plate suction mouth(T), hat-type suction mouth (H); Other forms of cover mouth can be ordered.
Cover mouth is installed with wind control valve.
Length: 2m,2.5m,3m,3.5m,4m,5m,(the suction arm more than 4m should be equipped with extended corbel, and the length can be up to 10m)
Diameter: φ150mm, φ175mm, φ200mm (other specifications should be ordered).
External tube material: import PVC steel wire air hose, anti-corrosion, endure high temperature 140C
Skeleton material: the spring steel is galvanized, and other metal components and fasteners are all stainless steel 304#.
External tube use import PVC hose, anti-corrosion, endure acid, and high temperature 1400C . Internal components and cover mouth bracket are all made of stainless steel. it can hover 360 degree arbitrarily with wind control valve for suction mouth.
Its good tensible and hovering feature make it not only can be used with variours welding fume purifier, but also can be installed on the wall or aystem in order to expel the fume and dust with the pipeline togather.
The inner wall of stainless steel cover mouth and the support never rust.It anti-corrosion, endure acid, and high temperature, light weight, high strength, with power device, easy to operate, hover freely. Suction arm is widely used in metal processing,welding fume,workpiece polishing,thermal processing of oil mist treatment, peculiar smell removing, dust removing and other industries. 
Optional Accessories: against fire net in cover mouth; spotlights; probe for light, smoke, temperature
Note: The company is committed to update the products constantly,and provide various forms of suction arms according to customers’ requirements. 
Fume extraction arms used in the central extraction system


Main arms for the fume extraction:

1.JYB Model, Bult-in structure support extraciton : Dia-150mm


2.JYC Model, External Support stucture suction arm: Dia-150mm/200mm


3.LB-JC Model, Extension External support structure: flexible exhaust arms

4.LB-QXB Model, Joint  fume extraction arms : Dia-75mm  , length-1.0-1.5m


5.LB-JYD Mini Model flexible fume collection arms : 1.0m*50mm

6.LB-JYSB Model, For equipment, Flexible extraction arm:


7.LB-JD Model, Multi-joints, Flexible:


8.LB-DR Track-Guided suction arms, flexible:


Other Components :



2. Soft hose:


Company Information


We,Qingdao Loobo Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd is aimed to air purifying and kinds of removing fume exhausted,  with its own R&D team more than ten years manufacturer, located in Qingdao city of china, specialized in the main products:

1,portable fume extractor,

2.downdraft benches(grinding dust removal worktable),

3.central fume purification projects,

4.Spare parts:flexible suction arm,etc.


All of our products with the ISO9001, and CE certification for parts of products, the quality can be guaranteed.


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