Double Cabs Electric Fuel Type Explosion proof locomotive 12 Tons, High Speed Underground Mining Locomotive,Ge Locomotive

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Name: Electric High Speed Explosion proof Locomotive with double cabs


Application: On narrow rail gauge


Service: Transportation in mining ,tunneling and related construction

There are two kinds of electric locomotives, trolley electric locomotive and electric battery locomotives if there are explosive gas, the explosion proof locomotive can be available

The high speed battery choses AC frequency  speed controller, 




A. AC frequency speed control system, the motive force is huge, with delay starting and accelerating starting, with each section trunk into the running steady, the locomotive speed increased, until the normal working speed, the train running stability play normal.

B.With a brake shoe, easy to control the brake cylinder pressure to reduce the impact of braking, increase the stability of the locomotive.

C. With AC frequency speed control system, reliable electric braking performance is good. In general electric braking deceleration can meet the requirements.

D. Take advange of energy feedback, when braking, the electric motor can change into the engine , and become to charging the battery, increasing the battery working time effectively.

E. With double cabs, the driver can more easily go in and out to control the system

Model NameCTY15/6,7,9G(B)CTY15/6,7,9GP
Adhesive Weight15 tons
Track Gauge600, 762 or 900mm
Hourly System Traction18.93kN20.92kN
Max. Traction36.18kN39kN
Hourly System Speed9.6km/h9.6km/h
Supply Voltage256V
Capacity of Traction Battery620Ah(5 hour capacity)
Power of Electric Motor30kW*2
Wheel DiameterΦ680mm
Height of Traction320 or 430mm
Min. Turning Radius15m
Speed Regulating ModeResistance or IGBTAC converter
Braking ModeMechanical,Air,Electrical Brake


Constructed in welded steel and suspended by leaf spring or rubber studs on grease bearing seats with tapered roller bearings.
Speed control
In order to achieve continuous and stepless speed regulation, they have an electronic speed controller with high reliability. 
The AC converters convert the DC from batteries into AC and the controller adjusts the speed of AC motors by the power frequency of the AC converter.
AC motor
Comparing with DC motors, the 3 phases AC motors have no carbon brushes and any other quick-wear parts.
Double cabs type
15 tonner battery locomotives have double cabs type. This type have better field of vision for the operators.
Pneumatic brake to the four wheels by brake shoes. Stop brake by manual mechanical brake.
Pneumatic (or mechanical) sanding system to the rails.
The battery housing is constructed in steel plating with an interior anti-acid covering. Each device has 104 pcs series storage lead-acid batteries.
Buffers and motor suspension
The locomotive has two buffers with spring shock absorbers to achieve complete shock absorption against collisions. Equally, the motor is suspended from the chassis by a brace with springs.


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