Polyethylene Oxide Colorcom PEO same to POLYOX WSR 301 (60456789979)

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Product Description

Colorcom Polyethylene Oxide PEO is a kind of water-soluble polymer crystalline, thermoplastic.

Apperance:White granular powder
Softening point :65℃ ~ 67℃
Melting point:87-140℃
Density: 0.93g/ml at 25 ℃
PH Value:   6.5~7.5
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Company Information

Colorcom Group is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in China with capitals, management, facilities and technologies from the USA and Italy. Our manufacturing products including pigments, dyes, masterbatch, cellulose ethers, redispersible powders, polyvinyl alcohol(PVA), fluid loss additives, Polyacrylamide (PAM), resins, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, additives, solvents and other specialty chemicals for multiple industries that we serve. We focus on manufacturing high quality consistent products with reasonable prices, which enables us to have a good reputation and to capture a big market share in the world. We welcome you to visit our factory in view of long-term partnerships with each other.


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