UV 3358 Electronic GLUE conformal coating PCB COATING for PCBA

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Product Overview



Product Description


 SEAYU® UV3358LV-80 is a single component, UV curable, acrylated polyurethane conformal coating that possesses excellent chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and moisture resistance. The material is tack-free after exposure to UV light. A secondary moisture cure mechanism will cure unexposed areas of the coating at ambient conditions. This coating fluoresces

a bright blue when exposed to UV light (365nm) for easy inspection of coating coverage.


SEAYU® UV3358LV-80 is recognized under UL File Number E479913, and is in full compliance with the RoHS directives 2015/863/EU and 2011/65/EU.


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Properties Uncured

Technical Data

Typical Properties of Uncured Material

Chemical Class                                                 Acrylated Urethane

Appearance                                                       Translucent Liquid

Density (g/cm3)                                                 1.05

Viscosity (mPa.s)         

GB/T2794-2013                                                 80±20

Recommended Coating Thickness(μm)            25-75


Performance Cured

Typical Curing Performance

Recommended UV Cure Condition(s)

High pressure mercury vapor lamp:Intensity(50mW/cm2)                        20

365nm LED:Intensity(1000mW/cm2)                                                         10


Recommended Moisture Cure Condition(h)                                              72                    70% RH@ 25°C


The above cure profiles are guideline recommendations. Cure conditions may vary based on

customers' experience and their application requirements, as well as customer curing equipment


Typical Properties of cured Material

Measured after UV cure followed by 7 days at 25°C / 70% RH

Hardness(D)    GB/T2411-2008                                                                  20-30

Adhesion         GB/T 9286-1998                                                                 5B

Tensile at Break( MPa)                                                                                2.3

Elongation at Break(%)

GB/T1040-2006                                                                                           50

Modulus of Elasticity(MPa) at 25,DMA                                                 1636

Glass Transition Temperature() TMA                                                     12

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(ppm/) TMA                                      95/Below Tg

                                                                                                                    208/Above Tg

Water absorption (% @25, 24h) ISO 62:2008                                        0.32

Dielectric Withstand Voltage(V)

IPC-TM-650                                                                          >1500

Dielectric Constant(1 MHz)                                                                       3.04

Dissipation Factor(1 MHz)                                                                         0.012

Volume Resistivity(ohm-cm)                                                                    1.8×1016

Surface Resistivity(ohm)                                                                          1.0×1016

Comparative tracking index (CTI)

GB/T 4207-2012                                                                                       600

Flammability                                                                                             UL 94V-0

Recommended Operating Temperature ()                                            -40 ~130

Moisture and Insulation Resistance

IPC-TM-650                                                      Pass

IPC-TM-650                                                      ≥3.7×108

Fungus Resistance

IPC-TM-650                                                                                 Pass

Temperature Shock Test

-40 to +110 500 cycles                                                                         Pass

Salt Spray Test

GB/T 1771-2007(168H)                                                                          Pass



Instructions for Use

1. Exposure to ambient and artificial light should be kept to a minimum before curing.

2. All surfaces in contact with the material should be clean and free from flux residue, grease,

mold release, or other contaminants before dispensing the material.

3. Curing speed depends on many variables, including lamp intensity, distance from the light

source, required depth of cure, coating thickness and amount of material in shadowed areas.

4. UV curing with suitable UV lamps is mandatory. Moisture is used as a secondary cure

mechanism for shadowed areas that cannot be cured with light, but the specified final properties

cannot be achieved by humidity curing alone. Actual moisture cure time may vary depending on

the layout and assembly of the printed circuit board, this reaction is completed within 7 days at

ambient moisture.

5. This material may be dispensed with a variety of manual and automatic applicators or other

equipment as required. The source air used for spraying must be dry (a dry inert gas is highly

recommended) to prevent premature curing by the secondary cure mechanism. The spraying

should be done with adequate ventilation . Final coating thickness is influenced by board size, part

geometry and application method.

6. The product is a moisture curing material and care should be taken to protect process vessels

and partial containers from moisture.




Packaging & Shipping



Store the material in a cool, dark, and dry place when not in use.

Resealing the container under dry inert gas, such as nitrogen, extends shelf life.

This material has a six-month shelf life from date of production when stored between 8 ℃ and 28 in the original, unopened container.




1L,5L, pacakge
Shelf life : 6 months.



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