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Ms. Lillian Chia


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Water soluble fertilizer (WSF) is one new kind of compound fertilizer.It contains all elements plants need,including nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements,to match plants' need in different period. Compared with the traditional compound fertilizer,WSF has its obvious advantages as bellow:


    1.Active ingredient can reach 100%,no wasting for anyone cents you paied.

    2.Different ways of fertilization(such as fertigation, spray irrigation, and foliar application)           save your time to the most.

    3.Easier to absorbed by plants.High use efficiency makes good use of your fertilizer cost.

    4.Warter soluble and chelated TE can avoid the antagonism with phosphorus.

    5.Quick work of WSF allow you see the effect in short time.


We  produce all kinds of NPK compound fertilizers and can also produce different N-P-K proportion  according to the customers' requirements. Such as proportion N-P-K:



Active ingredientN-P2O5-K2OAppearance
 60%20-20-20Crystalline Powder
 57%19-19-19Crystalline Powder
 48%18-25-5 Crystalline Powder
50%30-10-10 Crystalline Powder
 50%13-40-13 Crystalline Powder
 51%19-22-10 Crystalline Powder
44%8-12-24Crystalline Powder
48%30-9-9Crystalline Powder

Crystalline Powder

45%20-15-10Crystalline Powder
54%18-18-18Crystalline Powder
60%15-15-30Crystalline Powder
60%15-30-15Crystalline Powder
47%19-9-19Crystalline Powder
45%14-16-15Crystalline Powder
46%16-8-22Crystalline Powder
51%17-17-17 Crystalline Powder















Water Soluble Fertilizer






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