fiberglass push pull rod 4mm fiberglass fish tape

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fiberglass push pull rod 4mm fiberglass fish tape


A fish tape is a guidance tool used by electricians to route new wiring through electrical conduits and walls to reach another section of a house. This electrical tool is a coiled length of tape stored in a reel. While the most common material used for fish tape is steel, other common options include fiberglass and nylon. Each of these materials is strong enough to stay rigid when pushed through an empty wall cavity. Once on the other side, a fish tape can then reel in a length of cable.

Diameter3mm or 4mm
Length15/20/25/30m, or customized 
ColorOrange case+yellow cable
Tape MaterialFiberglass
Housing MaterialABS Plastic


The steel fish tape makes it easy to thread cables and wires through drywall, conduit or insulation. Simply guide the fish tape through the narrow opening, attach wires to the pulling loop and guide the wires to the new location smoothly and efficiently. The reel winds up and stores excess fish tape as the wire is pulled, and a built-in thumb lock holds the wire in place.

  • Guide the fish tape through narrow openings, then attach wires to the pulling loop and guide them smoothly to new location

  • Reel winds up and stores excess tape as wire is pulled

  • Built-in thumb lock holds wire in place



    Fish tape Specifications:


    * High strength steel fish tape are stiff for long runs and are great for heavy duty wire puller


     * Laser marked tape every feet, to see the amount of tape used

     * high impact-resistant case

     * improved structure for smooth and easy operation

     * various materials of tape are available, carbon steel or stainless steel or fiberglass or nylon

How to Pull Wires With a fiberglass push pull rod 4mm fiberglass fish tape


With one person standing at the box to feed the wire, pull evenly on all of the wires to be fed. Try to keep the wires untangled as you feed them. Feed the wires by lubricating the wires with one hand and feeding them into the pipe, while pulling the wires off of the wire reels with the other.

As for the person actually doing the pulling on the other end, pull the wires in two to three foot intervals. Count to four and then pull again. Check with the person feeding to see if this is a good pace for them. Pulling too fast can nick the wires and catch your helper's fingers into the box. Leave enough time between pulls so that the person feeding has time to lubricate the wire and pull enough off of the wire reels to feed into the conduit. A simple signal to alert each other that you are ready for the next pull is to tap on the pipe with something like a tool.



Caring for the fiberglass push pull rod 4mm fiberglass fish tape


Make sure to inspect the reel before each use. Check that its screws are not loose and that there are no cracks. When the pulling loop at the free end of the fish tape weakens, break it off and make a new one. To do this, heat the straight free end of the tape with a blow torch. Hold the hot tape with a pair of pliers. When it gets red hot, bend 0.5 inches of the heated tape over with a second pair of pliers. While the tape is still hot, bend tape over again by 1 inch to make a double loop.

 Electrician Fish Tape Reel 50-Feet High Impact Case for Electric or Communication Wire Puller

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