Canadian Western Red Cedar Canadian Western Red Cedar

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Canadian Western Red Cedar



Red cedar, origin from United States and Canada, North America's one of the best quality wood- natrual preservative. Red cedar has high corrosion resistance, a natural growth from being called Thujaplicins of alcohols; another is called Thujic acidic substance to ensure that the timber will not be eroded by insects. Red cedar without corrosion, without insects and fungi, no termites attack and corrosion, excellent stability, long life, easy to distort, will not cause pollution to the environment. Even for extremely dry or humid environments, its useful life 30-50 years. Red Cedar is one of the most lightweight commercial cork, its an idea acoustic damping material, easy to transport and stock.

Red Cedar features:
Soft texture, looks beautiful, natural corrosion, dimensional stability, ease of coloring, versatile
Red Cedar Application: can also be used indoors and outdoor, because the dimensional stability, suitable for high humidity, sauna, bathroom and kitchen, especially suitable for indoor use for red cedar emit natural wood fragrance, it can inhibit fungus, mold and other daily bacteria. For the production of cabinets, wardrobe, etc., can prevent cockroaches, worms.

Real wood: These wood are made from 100% Pacific Northwest Western Red Cedar, which has been the preferred choice of builders for decades, for its beauty, durability, sweet smell and ease of handling.
Naturally strong: Grown in tough coastal conditions, cedar is naturally resistant to pest infestation and decay, and is one of nature’s best insulators for your home.
Uniform shape: All vertical grain cedar, hand-trimmed on precision jigs, yields a uniform shape to every piece.

  • Link together through tongue and groove
  • Can be linked and unlinked to form different sized panels
  • For use in Cedarline Collection and replacement panels

* Characteristics: it's hardness is moderate, and soft texture, dense and smooth, and it is not easily deformed and strong in its anti-corruption ability.
* The moisture is less than 12%.
* Dimension: as custmers' request.



We accept buyer custom panel, just offer us your drawing, and panel size then we can offer you price, sectional view drawing.



Below images are real products shot in factory:


cedar wood .jpg

cedar 12mm thickness.jpg

red cedar wall wood 9.jpg

red cedar wall wood  6.jpg




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Packing and panels in stock:








Stock Wood Lumbers:

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