20' DN500 Vertical Woltman water meter with removable measuring unit ductile iron High sensitivity for Industry

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Product Overview


Detachable woltman cold water meter


Brief introduction:

Vertical spiral airfoil removable cold water meter is mainly composed of a meter case, a cover, a mechanism counting, a metering mechanism. The counting mechanism adopts the form of liquid seal, water on the surface of semi-liquid sealed water meter, the reading part of the wheel is sealed with the anti-corrosive liquid and separated from the use of water for a long time to keep the reading part clear. The sealing liquid has the characteristics of anti-freezing, anti-fog and anti-fouling, etc..


High accuracy, accurate measurement, convenient maintenance, technical index up to GB/T778.1~3-2007 standard, The separation energy of liquid seal series counter and measured water can keep the indication clear for a long time, High quality anti-corrosion and anti-fouling material used for parts in contact with water.


The interchangeable, removable measuring mechanism can be easy removed from the body for checking, maintaining and replacing, no needs to dismantle the body form the pipe;


Working condition(s):

Water temperature 0.1~30℃, ≤1MPa.




0.0124 s.