BLD120 BLD750 dc motor driver 24v 48v cnc, original manufacture brushless dc motor driver (60488164460)

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Product Overview


BLD120 BLD750 dc motor driver 24v 48v cnc, original manufacture brushless dc motor driverBLDH350_01


Product Description

♦ HALL angle: 120°/240°
♦ Multi-speed regulation modes
♦ Maximum input voltage: 30V

♦ Strong over-current self-protection function
♦ Smooth torque output within speed range of 0-20000rpm
♦ High efficient, slowly temperature rise and compact size

Four Speed regulation modes
Bulit-in potentiometer RV

Rotate the RV knob clockwise , 
the motor starts to run and accelerate.
Motor speed will decrease if anticlockwise.
When it gets to a limited position, the motor stops.

brushless dc motor driver
External potentiometer

Use a suitable potentiometer with a resistance value
of 10KΩ, connect middle terminal with SV terminal,
and the other two terminals are respectively connected
with VCC terminal and COM terminal.

brushless dc motor driver
Input analog signal(0-5V)

Voltage and motor speed relational diagram(unloaded)

brushless dc motor driver
Pulse Width Modulation

Duty radio and motor speed relatoinal diagram (unloaded)

brushless dc motor driver
Quick brake

BRK and COM are connected in default,
the motor will be quick brake .When BRK 
and COM are disconnected, the motor will rotate.

brushless dc motor driver
CW/CCW rotation

Connect F/R and COM, the motor will rotate clockwise, disconnect it, the motor will rotate anticlockwise.

brushless dc motor driver
Peaking current setting

Equipped with a motor protection function, the driver provides options to set desired current number in the P-sv knob to avoid over-current for motor. Please note that the random error is ±10% . The setting should be matched with motor rated current.

brushless dc motor driverBLD120_04
Company Information

Original factory: YES

Year Established: 2009

Total Employees: 80-100People

Manufacturing Equipment: Ultra-precision CNC universal grinder (Sweden), CNC  (Germany), DMG lathe and milling, etc. 

Detection Capacity:

Motor: Full detection one by one; Motor driver aging time: 8H



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