4BB 19.8 19.9% High Efficiency 4.80 4.83w A Grade 6x6 monocrystalline solar cell for sale (60489376907)

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4BB 19.8-19.9% High Efficiency 4.80-4.83w A Grade 6x6 monocrystalline solar cell for sale


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Mars Rock Solar Cell

Solar Cell is the critical raw materials for making solar panel. Top quality and high efficiency solar cell is the basic factor to manufacture best solar panels. As 9-year professional supplier of solar cell and other raw materials, MARS ROCK has confidence ana ability to supply all best quality products to you. We supply mono solar cells from 18.0-20.2%, and poly cells from 17.0-18.5%, with below features, it is your best choice for solar modules:


1. High conversion efficiencies resulting in superior power output performance

2. Outstanding power output even in low light or high temperature conditions

3. Optimized design for ease of soldering and lamination

4. Long-term stability, reliability and performance

5. Low breakage rate

6. Color uniformity


Electrial Property


1, Solar Cells Structure

2, Mechanical Date and Design



Dimension156X156mm +/-0.5mm
Thickness(Si)200 um +/-20μm
Front1.5mm bus bars(silver);Blue anti-reflecting coating;(silicon nitride)
Back2.4mm wide soldering pads(silver);back surface field (aluminium)


3, Electrical Parameters

156x156 Mono Solar Cell -4BB
Effic code156M4BB-1156M4BB-2156M4BB-3156M4BB-4
Pmax(W)4.86- 4.88 4.80-4.83 4.76-4.78 4.71-4.73 
Vmpp(V)0.55 0.542 0.54 0.537 
Impp(A)8.961 8.927 8.884 8.852 
Voc(V)0.644 0.643 0.642 0.64 
Isc(A)9.467 9.437 9.4 9.378 


MARSROCK has been in the PV industry for many years, our reliability and quality are represented in every solar cell we sell. MARSROCK solar cells offer the following 10 quality advantages:


High Cell-To-Module(CTM)  ratio

MARSROCK improve CMT ratio by: 

Narrow down efficiency bin rage to 0.2%.

Defining efficiency bin by minimal power and 97% of  current max  power.


Optimized  energy output even in low light or high temperature:

Temperature coefficients average 0.1% per °C lower than the competition. This means 3% less power degradation when cell surface temperature increases from 25°C to 55°C.


Long-term stability and relaibility:

Strong bus bar interconnection ability with minimum peel strength >1.2N/mm.

High quality paste and optimal firing conditions to reduce possible delamination.

Constant pressure cook tests, damp heat tests and peel strength tests.


Low overall breakage rate:

Standard package that meets the long-distance transport of fragile objects packaging requirements.

No beading, thus, lower risk of microcracks from stacking.


Color uniformity  among cells and within cells:

Color uniformity, good texture, also looks very comfortable


Visual quanlity:

We can provide you solar cells  125*125mm for home or commercial or industrial etc. We set hight visual quality standards,sreening more than 25 visual criteria. Work time more than 25 years.


Low reverse current:

MARSROCK cells feature low reverse current at both -10V or -12V.

Reduces hot spot risk for long-term reliability

Low LID(light induced degradation)


High shunt resistance:

Maximum power output even in low light conditions.

More effectively reduces hot spot risk than only screening reverse current or dark current alone.

Good performance in weak light, therefore better energy yield over the long run.


Envaironmental  protection:

REACH-SVHC compliance ensures safe entry into the European market.

ROHS compliance: safe limits of Pb and no Cd found.


Product Photos





If order amount is less than 1000pcs, above solar cells with different printing will be randomly shipped, it is according to our stock to arrange without advanced information.


While bulk purchase, if you have special requirment on it, please kindly contact with us directly, we can customize for you. 


Solar cell is very thick and fragile. And it is easy to be oxidation if expose in the air for a long time. So it can't apply directly in the practice. However, After professional lamination, it can be manufactured by solar panel. 


Solar cell is the key material for making solar panels. solar cell quality and efficiency are the most important factors to influence the quality and efficiency of solar panel. If you want to make good quality and high efficiency solar panel, then you should choose good quality and high efficiency solar cells.


 Besides solar cell, other raw materials for making solar panel includes tempered glass, solar EVA film, tab wire, bus bar wire, flux pen, TPT backsheet, junction box, etc.  If you have requirements of these raw materials, hope you can consider us first. All materials can be supplied high quality and reasonable price for you.





Quolity Control

1, Professional & Advanced manufacturing link


 2, Professional Test Machine 



Packaging & Shipping



About us

MARS ROCK GROUP is a high-tech goup specializing in the R&D, manufacturer, and marketing of solar photovoltaic systems and solar products.  Now as one of the most professional solar products manufacturer, based on self-produce and self-market management. Our yearly output has grown to over USD120, 000,000, of which 80 percent are from exports. Our belief are:

1.  to grow together, to win together with you. 

2.  to guarantee our quality and competitive prices for you.

3.  to give first-grade services to you.


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