HPS2619 Capacitance Meter or Digital LCR Meter with accuracy 0.05%

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Product Overview


    HPS2619 Capacitance Meter or Digital LCR Meter with accuracy 0.05%    -.jpg

    HPS2619 provides 6-digit resolution, measurement speed up to 30times/second,9 stage fine range, 2 selectable source impedance: 30ohm/100ohm and humanized operating mode, so it’s suitable for measurement of quality control on production line, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation.It provides HANDLER, RS232C interfaces, through which the meter can communicate with computer and build automatic measurement system and product test line. 





Product number



Performance indicators


Large LCD display

Display digits

6-digit reading resolution

Measurement function

Measurement parameter

Cs, Cp, Rs (ESR), Rp, Z,D (tanδ) ,θ(Deg),θ(Rad),

Basic accuracy


Measuring speed

Fast: 30 times / sec, medium speed: 15 times / sec, slow speed: 5 times / sec

Equivalent Circuit

Series Parallel

Range mode

Automatic, keep

Trigger mode

Internal, manual, external, bus

Average number of times

1-255 times (HPS2617 no)

Correction function

Open / short-circuit sweep clear, load calibration (HPS2617 no)

Measuring end

Four-wire system (2 detection terminals and 2 drive terminals),  5 terminals

Display method

Direct reading, absolute deviation Δ ABS, relative deviation Δ%

Test signal

Test frequency

50Hz -200kHz, more than 12,000 frequency points

50Hz-100kHz, 10 typical frequency points

Test level

0.01 Vrms -2.0 Vrms,10mV Stepping

0.1 Vrms, 0.3 Vrms and1 Vrms

Output impedance


Measuring display range

Cs, Cp

0.00001pF -99.9999mF

Rs , Rp, Z

0.00001Ω -99.9999MΩ


-179.999° -179.999°


-3.14159 -3.14159

D (tanδ)

0.00001 -9.99999


-999.999% -999.999%

Sorting and interface

Sorting function

10 files sorted (9 files qualified and 1 file failed), and 1 auxiliary file

Interface configuration

RS-232C interface / HANDLER / USB Device (optional)

General specifications

Operating environment

0°C -40°C ,≤90%RH

Guaranteed accuracy environment


Power requirement

198V -242V(AC),47.5Hz -63Hz

Power consumption

≤30 VA

Size and weight

355mm (width) x 125 mm (height) x 330 mm (deep) 5kg




Detailed Description



 ♦ Measure the semiconductor element impedance parameters of capacitors, resistors, chip components and network elements.

♦ CBB capacitance, monolithic capacitors, mica capacitors and ceramic capacitors and other capacitors

♦ Measure the impedance of printed circuit boards, relays, switches, cables and battery.-2619_07.png



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