Полипропиленовый Контейнер, легкая в использовании машина для обработки огня с круглым объектом (60491103776)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Features and ApplicationMainly used for pre-treatment of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products. The better ink adhesion is available after the pre-treatment. Cylinder bottles made by PP PE fit.
Package size1. Dimension: 2330×650×1160mm
2. Gross weight: 209KG
3. 1.7569CBM.
Technical parameters1.Flame width:250mm
2.Burning Gas:LPG gas
3.Conveyor speed:0~10m/min
4.Outline dimension:2000X450X850mm
5.Conveyor size:2000X340mm
6.Combustion gas:Compressed air 8kg/cm2 ;
7. Bottle mouth diamater: 25mm;
8. Distance between Support seat: 100mm;
9. Max Bottle diameter: 100mm.
Performance1. Mainly used for the surface pretreatment of PE and PP plastic products.
2. Micromotor imported from Japan, stepless speed timing mode is adequate for different workpiece requirements.
3. The machine is two sides equipped with baffle-boards to improve heat efficiency.
4. The advanced gushing nozzle is designed generates a good combustion result, it is a product that saves energy.
5. According to the size of your product that is to be printed, replace the tapered support to meet the different requirement of the workpiece





Company Information




LC Industries Printing Machine Company ., Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing and exporting pad printers, hot stamping printing machines, screen printing machines, and all types of industries printing machine, etc.


With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our machines to more than 15 countries around the world, including the united states, Europe, Africa, etc.





♦ Professional team

♦ Best after-service

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1) What are your main products?
     Pad printers,

     Silk screen printers,

     Hot stamping machines,

     and the supply chain related to the above-mentioned industrial printing, we will also provide users with complete printing solutions.


2) What kind of pre-sale service do you provide.

   Free technical consultation, pictures, technical materials, and video materials are provided. For those that cannot be provided, we may provide design solutions.


3) What kind of payment method should I choose?

 For new users, if the amount is smaller, you can use the credit guarantee order, TT, and if the amount is larger, you can consider a letter of credit. In order to protect the safety of customers' funds, we do not recommend customers to transfer to personal accounts, or use Western Union, paypal and other personal payment methods. Unless the customer makes a special request.




4) How to order the machine?
   When you confirm to buy the machine, we will provide PI, and pay according to the payment method guided by PI. We will produce the machine and arrange the calculation until you get the machine safely.




5) Questions about proofing?
For direct users, it is very important to confirm whether the machine is suitable for their products and require the factory to carry out proofing as the standard for machine delivery, because pad printing machines, screen printing machines and hot stamping machines usually require fixtures, printing plates, and inks. The perfect match of the bronzing paper can meet the requirements. For the proofing of the customer's confirmed order, we are free. For the proofing without the confirmed order, we will charge a certain proofing fee. When you confirm the order, the proofing fee will be deducted from the machine purchase price.




6) How about after-sales service?

Companies that sell through the Internet are usually small in scale, and none of them have set up after-sales service points overseas. After-sales service requires online support from sales staff. In general, pad printers, screen printers and hot stamping machines are relatively simple machines, and most problems can be solved through online communication.



7) How do you evaluate the quality of your products?
   When each user purchases a product, he balances price and quality. This balance may be difficult to grasp, but this is how you do business. Most of the products sold on the Internet are in the middle of whether the price is not low or the quality is not bad. end. You have to negotiate professionally with the sales staff for better products. There are roughly 300 similar manufacturing plants and more than 8,000 trading companies in China. It is not difficult to choose products that suit you.


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