displayer 3 phase brushless dc motor driver, bldc motor driver (60493407558)

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Product Overview


 AC220V input 60W bldc motor controller driver brushless for speed control
Product Description

Input voltage


DisplayRS-485Matched standard motorMatched gear motor
SA-D60HD22060 M60H32A/M60H34AM60H32/M60H34
SA-D120HD220120 M120H34C/M120H35BM120H34//M120H35
SA-D200HD220200 M200H35CM200H35
Naming Rule
Series nameTypePowerSupply voltageMotor leads numberDisplay
  120:120WN:DC48VNone: No communicationNone: No display
♦  Equipped with a display device
♦  5 speed regulation modes
♦  Self fault clearance and self-protection function
♦  High speed(100-4000r/min), high efficiency(30~200W)
Precise speed setting
One click to start/stop the motorRotating direction selection
Move the running switch rightwards to RUN,
then the motor starts rotating. Move the switch
leftwards to STAND-BY, the motor stops.
Press the Page Up/Page Down button for 3s,
the motor will rotate clockwise/anticlockwise.
Direction conversion is available when motor is running.
simple wiring
Connector connectionScrew free wiring
The connection of SA driver and motor
can be reached by connector.
Just click the orange button and insert
wires to finish wiring arrangement. No
need weld or professional tools.
Speed regulation modes
Panel speed regulationDigital setting to set the speed
Rotate the knob clockwise to accelerate, while anticlockwise to decelerate, press the knob to confirm.Enter the digital setting mode to set the revolving speed, press the SET button to confirm.
PWM to set the speedPulse Frequency to set the speed
When speed setting mode is set as PWM,
the motor speed will vary via duty ratio(1%-99%). Refer to the following diagram.
When pulse frequency mode is confirmed, speed will vary via pulse frequency(100HZ~3KHZ).
Refer to the following diagram.
Abundant function modes settings
Analog setting of acceleration and deceleration time
On the back of the SD driver, there are
acceleration time knob(ACC) and deceleration
time knob(DEC). 0.2s(default value) to 15 sec
are available.
Acceleration and deceleration time
can be set by data mode.
Set the speed upper/lower limitBrake stop
Speed upper/lower limit can be set,
the default value is 0-4000r/min.
When FWD and REV is set as ON, the motor
stop rapidly, but the needed time depends on
the load inertia. The least time is 200ms.
Multistage speed data selectionDirection control by upper computer
Four periods(SPD1,SPD2,SPD3, SPD4) of
speed can be set. Speed can be switched
by MO and M1 terminal control.
When control mode is set as I/O port, motor
direction can be set by upper computer. When
REV or FWD is set as ON, motor direction shifts.
Signal and alarm output
Speed signal outputAlarm output
30 pulses output for 1r rotation. Speed output
signal can be detected by upper computer.
When motor is overload or locked,
alarm signal will detected by upper computer.
Parameter displayError display
Parameters such as Speed, Current,
Voltage and Temperature can be displayed.
When malfunction occurs, fault code
can be displayed on display panel or I/O port.
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