WLD5000 High Quality semi downdraft paint booth/semi draft spray booth

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Price:RUB 383,376.50 - RUB 1,418,493.05
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Product Overview


WLD5000 High Quality Heat Recycling Spray Booth Specifications:


External Size:(mm)     


                          Front Door:(mm)

                          Powder Coating Frame


Internal Size:(mm)


                          Total Power:(kw)


Cabin System


Fire-retardant composite molding Sandwich style EPS (epispastics polystyrene) (Rock wool and PU are optional )50mm thickness, EPS foam Density is 14kg/m³ ; High quality galvanized steel roof panel




3 pieces of luxury front doors, made of 0.8mm galvanized powder coating sheet(both sides), beautiful and strong. Size: 3000(w)*2600(h).The view window is big tempered glass with aluminum frame,very graceful. 1 piece of emergency door with aluminum frame window. 

     Air Circulation System     

     Intake Fan

2x4kw intake fan. Manual damper. Siemens technology production, large air volume and low noise. Air flow: 24,000m3/h. The wire core of our fans is full cooper so our fans are very durable.

       Air Pipe

Made of Galvanized steel sheet consisted of 4 pieces of straight pipe750*750*1000, and 1piece of elbow.

  Heating     System     


BALTUR BT14 diesel burner,140000Kcal/h. The heating time 8-10min(20-60.C). Max. temperature at 80.C. Fuel consumption is 4-5kg/vehicle.

 Heat Exchanger

Two layers. Made of stainless steel. The heat exchange rate can reach 85%. Two layers to make our heating system safer and get higher heat exchange rate. What is more,we make two wings to make the temperature rise more quickly and save energy.

    LED    Lighting    System  

       Light tube

Ceiling light has 24 pieces of 16w LED lamps. 800 Lux.LED lamps are more bright and durable. the grade of lighting box’s dustproof and waterproof reach IP54 grade.  

       Light box

Welded galvanized plate, powder coated treatment, surface brightness, color uniformity.

  Filtering     System         


Grade G2 plate type fiber glass filter; Dual filtering structure. The 

Pre-filter can capture granules larger than 10μm.

     Ceiling filter

EU5 grade high efficient filter; Ceiling filter capture granules bigger than 5μm.The air cleanliness in the working environment can reaches 98%.   

      Floor filter

Multilayer glass Fiber. The air cleanliness in the working environment can reach 98%.

       Ceiling filter          support 

Made of tube steel frame, thickness of 1.2mm, epoxy powder coating, antirust and strong, rigid, beautiful and durable, can be repeated disassembly, not easy to damage, easy to replace filter cotton.

      Pollution Control        System

Multi-layer fiberglass filter to filter paint and dust emission.

  Control     system  

  Control panel 

Microcomputer control system   


Painting, constant temperature painting , drying, lighting, painting time and

drying time setting;emergency stop switch, failure indication etc, especially with over-temperature and over-pressure alarm device. The electricity will be cut off once alarm devices alert. It makes our booth very safe.




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